S.I.N Tactics - Juri Combo Thread V2.0



Juri Combo Thread V2.0
Thanks to everyone in the Juri forums for contributing to this thread. Most combo-enders can be substituted with EX version of the move and please don’t hesitate to contribute to the combo thread.

Please refer to the SRK Strategy Guide for notations.

Table of Contents
I. BnB Combos
II. Fireball Juggle Combos
III. Counterhit Combos
IV. Air -to -Air Combos
V. Fuhajin Combos
VI. Combos into Ultra 2
VII. Combos into Utra 1
VIII. Combos into Super

Move List
Fuhajin (projectile kick)
Shikusen (dive kick)
Senpusha (pinwheel kick)
Kasatushi (counter)
Fuharenjin (Super)
Feng Shui Engine (Ultra 1)
Kaisen Dankairaku (Ultra 2)

I. BnB Combos
Note: cr.LK > st.LP works on Abel, Gouken, Guile, Hakan, Sagat, T.Hawk and Zangief when crouching. You can also use cr.LK > close st.LK > cr.LK as a substitute for cr.LK x2/3 or close st.LK x2 combos

-close st.LK > close st.LK > cr.MP xx H Senpusha **[214 Damage 290 Stun] **

-close st.LK > close st.LP > cr.MK xx HK Senpusha *[214 Damage 290 Stun] ***works on standing opponents

-close st.LK > close st.LK > cr.LK* xx M Senpusha you can also OS cr.LK/cr.MK xx M Senpusha** [162/189 Damage 231/313 Stun]**

-close st.LK > close st.HP xx L Senpusha [162 Damage 282 Stun]

-cr.LK >cr.LK > cr.LK xx M Senpusha **[142 Damage 231 Stun] **ommit the 3rd cr.LK if you think it will whiff

-cr.LK > st.LP > cr.MP xx H Senpusha [204 Damage 290 Stun]

II. Fireball Juggle Combos
-cr.MP > M Fuhahin (store) > M Fuhajin (release) [150 Damage 200 Stun]

-cr.MP > L Fuhajin (release) FADC cr.MK > M Fuhajin (store) > M Fuhajin (release) [200 Damage 300 Stun] ** Hold L Fuhajin (store) before combo**

  • close st.lk > st.HP > M Fuhajin (release) [170 Damage 290 Stun] Hold M Fuhajin (store) before combo

III. Counterhit combos

  • cr.LK > cr.mk xx EX Fuhajin (release)** [165 Damage 243 Stun]**

-L Senpusha FADC st.MP xx H Senpusha [257 damage, 274 stun]

-f+MK > st.LP > cr.MP xx EX Senpusha [299 damage, 347 stun]

IV. Air-to-Air combos
-j.MP > land/cancel EX dive kick -> land EX pinwheel [330 Damage 313 Stun]

-j.MP > land > EX pinwheel [230 Damage 235 Stun]

-j.MP > any normal (reset) you can also dash under your opponent afterward for mix up or add an extra j.MP

-j.MP > land > st.HP xx EX pinwheel [270 Damage 373 Stun]

V. Fuhajin Combos
Note: These same combos can be done after a jump-in or cross up. Cr.MP also does more damage as a combo starter and cr.MK has more range.

-cr.MK xx L Fuhajin (release) > cr.MK xx H Senpusha **[266 Damage 340 Stun] **

-cr.MK xx L Fuhajin Release xx L Senpusha** [200 Damage 214 Stun]**

-cr.MK xx L Fuhajin (release) FADC > cr.HK xx H Senpusha [288 Damage 420 Stun]

-cr.MK xx L Fuhajin (release) > (lv.2) FA xx Senpusha [206 Damage 285 Stun]

-cr.MK xx L Fuhajin (release) > cr.HK [192 Damage 230 Stun]

-cr.hp xx Fuhajin (release) FADC cr.HP xx H Senpusha **[328 Damage 520 Stun] **with EX, [356 damage 540 stun]

-cr.MK xx L Fuhajin (release), j.MP xx Shikusen, Fuharenjin/Kaisen Dankairaku corner only

-cr.MK xx L Fuhajin (release), j.MP xx EX Shikusen, cr.HP xx L Senpusha corner only

VI. Combos into Ultra 2
-dive kick > Ultra 2 [412 Damage 50 Stun] Can also do j.MP > dive kick > Ultra 2. EX dive kick > does [520 damage 140 stun]***

-j.MP > st.HP xx Ultra 2 [470 Damage 250 Stun]* corner only*

-Fuhajin (store) > Ultra 2 [402 Damage 50 Stun] **negative edge the Ultra. Corner only **

-j.MP xx dive kick ( 1 hit) > land > Ultra 2 [421 Damage 100 Stun] corner only

-(lv.2) FA > EX dive kick -> Ultra 2 **[487 Damage 262 Stun] **can use j.FAPS instead of U2 for untechable knockdown

-cr.MK xx L Fuhajin (release) > (lv.2) FA >Ultra 2 [462 Damage 150 Stun] Hold L Fuhajin (store) first

-cr.MK xx L Fuhajin (release) FADC Ultra 2 [414 Damage 255 Stun] Hold L Fuhajin (store) first. Easy hit confirm, more stun but less damage

-H Fuhajin (release) xx Ultra 2** [410 Damage 50 Stun] **corner only

  • close st.HP trade -> Ultra 2 [460 Damage 200 Stun]

VII. Combos into/out of Ultra 1
Note: There’s a Feng Shui Engine Guide posted by Dr. Grammar on SRK Wiki, which goes more in depth with how FSE works. These are just a couple of her most basic combos to start off with, once activated.

A.Combos into FSE

  • j.HK xx FSE xx St.lk…etc

  • EX dive kick xx FSE xx far MK/far Mp/close MP (hard because of increased startup)/close HP

-c.MK xx L Fuhajin (release) xx EX Focus Attack (lv.2), Feng Shui Engine, s.MK - s.MP

-c.MK xx L Fuhajin (release) xx EX Focus Cancel, Feng Shui Engine, s.LK - s.MP

B. Combos out of FSE
-cr.LK xx cr.MK xx st.MP xx close st.HK xx H Senpusha [297 Damage]

-f+MK xx cr.LP xx cr.MP xx close st.HK xx H Senpusha [317 Damage]

VIII. Combos into Super
-Air-to-air j.MP > land > st.HP xx Super [444~ Damage 250 Stun]

-cr.MK xx L Senpusha xx Super [426 Damage 140 Stun]

-j.MP xx dive kick (1 hit) land > Super [386 Damage 100 Stun]



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i like the new clean thread…


Very nice and extremely organised.


Appreciate it, but black text doesn’t work so well with the SRK Dark theme :frowning:




Thanks for the heads up. I reformatted the text, so that it looks normal on any theme :slight_smile:


Appreciate the new combo thread!

cr.LK >cr.LK > cr.LK xx M Senpusha [142 Damage 231 Stun]

Has anyone else dabbled with doing cr.LK >cr.LK > s.LK xx M Senpusha? It’s a tighter link, but so far I’m finding it to hit more consistently where a third cr.LK would whiff.


Very good, I was just about to say the gray is kinda hard to see :wink: Good work!

Have you already asked for a sticky to replace the old combo thread? You should PM Joonthebaboon if you haven’t already.

Well, I don’t see much use for that. Its a 1f link (I’m assuming the last s.LK becomes far.LK) making it unnecessarily difficult. Personally I would rather spend the effort practicing hit confirming off of only two cr.LK’s.


That variation of the same combo, along with others I didn’t want to repeat, have been explored at this point. If you’re spaced in a position where the third cr.LK link could whiff, I’d recommend linking cr.MP/MK instead of st.LK. Thanks for the feedback :slight_smile:


You should probably change these to the universal version of the combos. The first one works on most characters, but still fails on a good amount of them. As for the second one, I think this only worked on M Bison and a few other characters.


Thanks! I’ll make the change when I get home. I like the feedback so far and let me know if anything else needs to be changed.


Hmm here’s a list of my most frequently used juri combos some I don’t see up here and they are very good basic combos let me know what you think.

Bnb: cr.lk st.lk cr.lk~m.pinwheel
cr.lk st.lk cr.mk~pinwheel
cr.lk cr.lk~pinwheel
Fb combos: store l.fb j.hk cr.mp~release fb cr.mk~ex pinwheel
Corner: l+m store j.hk cr.hp release fb cr.mk release fb fadc cr.hp~pinwheel
Air to air: j.mp st.hp~l or ex pinwheel
j.mp land ultra 2
j.mp j.mp st.lk dash under for cross up
Punish: FA cr.hp~ex pinwheel
FA back dash ex.dive kick follow up with j.hp(no meter untechable knockdown) ex.pinwheel to use meter( more damage and higher stun) or ultra 2

Also best option off an ex counter is up forward cross up into neutral hk cr.mk~pinwheel
Super is easily hit confirmed out of cr.mp-super/cr.mk-super

Hope this helps thanks for cleaning up the thread it looks good :slight_smile:


Thanks, I’ll add the j.MP > U2 combo and notes from your post.


Very nice work Jag, clean and easy to reference.


I got some other combos for you guys.


  1. st.lk/st.lp/cr.mk/ pinwheel. [medium or heavy]
  2. cr.lk x3/ pinwheel. [Low or medium or heavy]
    3.cr.lp/cr.lp/st.lp/cr.mk/pinwheel. [medium or heavy]
    4.cr.lk/ck.lp/st.lp/cr/mk/pinwheel [heavy or medium] Note: depending on the character I believe not to sure.
  3. Cl.mk/ pinwheel [medium or heavy]
    cr.lk x2/ st.lp /cr. mk pinwheel
    MK or MP/ pinwheel
    best punish combo cr.HP/ ex-pinwheel or regular.

6. MK/L.release/mk/pinwheel.
9.Jhk./L.release/cl.mk/pinwheel. [It’s kinda hard but, soon you get it your good. But, if it’s in midscreen {FADC} it.]
10. cr.Mp/L.release/cr.mk/EX—FJIN.
11. cr.Mk/L.release/cr.mk/FJIN store and release. note: one of her newer combos in AE because of her FJIN lift you up. {corner or not just practice in the lab.}
12.cr.mk./L.release/cl mk EX—FJIN.
13.cr.mp/L.release./cr.mk/M.release/cr.HK/ex pinwheel/ FJIN or ex. [medium and hard level combo just practice in the lab.]
14. j.mk/ cr.mk/store low or medium and release.
store low/ cr.mk/L.release/ sweep.

14. cr.mp/L.release/FADC----st.lk/st.lp./cr.mk/pinwheel
15. cr.mk/pinwheel FADC the 2nd hit/ st.lk/ st.lp/ cr.mk/pinwheel
16.store low FJIN cr.mk/L.release/ FADC into U2 note: just might work timing I believe.


  1. [corner] store low FJIN cr.mk/L.release into U2 it occurs timing
  2. J.MP/ U2 [low on damage I believe.]
  3. [Negative Edge] store any FJIN into U2 [corner only.]
  4. instant j.mp/ Dive kick or ex into U2

—Air to Air

  1. J.mp x2 / HP/ ex pinwheel or FJIN or new thing store before you jump release into ex pinwheel [shoutout to emperorCOW]
  2. j.mp x2 any normal into reset and mix it up.

More to come I’m done I hope this stuff helps the beginners or combo learning people. I’m still learning the U1 combos and setups I will post it up later. Again hope this help. Thank you & goodnight xD


my fav combos are what i like to call, “meterless combo” All you need is a nice lk fuhajin stock, and don’t hit cr.hp to complete a set up that can get you at least 270-290.
Cr.mk/cr.mp>lk fuhajin stock>Cr.mk>pinwheel
It’s a pretty practical and is what i tend to use the most.


@ exsoldier2006: Thanks for your input and wanting to help out. 90% of the combos you’ve listed are ones I’ve already added. There are also notes explaining variations of the same combos can be substituted with EX moves or other chains/normals.

@ Juri_kills_friends: I have that combo listed as the first one.


This isn’t corner exclusive. You just have to hit the j.MP at the edge of the hitbox.Though I haven’t tried it on the rest of the cast it works on Ryu midscreen.