S. K.'s AV request


In light of KoF 2k3’s release, and my subsequent 3rd place ranking in a Tokyo tourney, my love for that dirty Mexican, Griffon, has reawakened. Had my current comp enough memory, I’d do this myself, but I don’t have any resources(or the MotW rom) to work with.

I want 3 pics of Griffon, one of his dodge attack(the peck), one of his lariat DM, where his arm is raised, and finally, one of his dropkick. Arrange the peck on the left, dropkick on the right, and the arm raised in the center. Use his MotW D color unless you can conjur up the KoF 2k3 C color sprites from somewhere…

Use a BG of your choice, no need for an outer border, and I really don’t need my S/N in there, but if it can look nice, just use ‘Saotome’ or ‘S. K.’

Much thanks ahead of time.