S-Ken vs N-Ken

The reason I’m not posting this in the Ken forums because this is more related to the grooves in general, Ken is merely an example I’m going with. We all know N and S are slept on, it’s getting better with more diversity showing up, but still they are slept on IMO.

Now N-Ken is a pretty good character. He has a lot going for him. If we compare him to S-Ken (who is pretty much unheard of, I mean who the hell uses S-Ken?) we notice a LOT of similarities. The main difference, apart from the way meter builds which can go down to preference, is N-Ken has RC funky kick whilst S-Ken has Dodge. Is there really much of a difference? Ken has a great dodge IMO with knockdown roundhouse and close fierce which is cancellable. So why does S-Ken not see much play?

This can be related to other characters and other grooves, I just picked N becuase they have a lot of similarities. Why do people sleep on S? I’m not saying “S is slept on, use S!” that’s not new news exactly. I’m asking, WHY is S slep on. I’ve known for a long time that N-Groove is hard to utilise effectively, it takes a lot of skill to get used to which explains it’s lack of presence. Why isn’t S used more?

lack of options

level 3 is too situational

dodge isnt as good as RC, parry, J/D, or CC

and finally level 1’s blow

S is good but only with a handful of characters

and N isnt really slept on, people still use N and most people know most of its tricks from the old days when thats all ANYONE played. N groove is good but simply put C A K P are trickier and overall better

I disagree…if you take a high level S ken player…( there arent too many)…S ken has alot of advantages against N ken…For one if N-Ken gets roll happy then just grab him…or short,short super his ass…there are many things you can do to N ken for his lack of air defense and rolling. As far as RC is concerned just dodge that shit…thats what dodge is for to counter RC…think about it…If Ino can win with K and no RC you can win with S and no RC…Charging up gives you damage bonus…plus a really long meter for alpha counter…and when u get a combo u super them…You can also do a level 1 drill uppercut super to a level 3…(its really hard and situational)…you still have small jump and run to rush it down…and u can play run away turtle S groove too…it really gives you many options. The key to winning with any S character is faith in the groove…people think that you learn it over night it actually takes some wins and losses to fully understand it. I hope this shines some light on the subject, and I hope I could help.

        -B. :tup:

P.S- I use N- Groove too…

Looks to me like your underestimating N-groove.

IMO, N > P, S, K

RC, Parry, JD > dodge

Level ones dont blow. Well most do. But if you can combo them then it adds up to big damage big on scrubs. Lv.1 projectle supers kickass too.

S groove isnt really one of the the better grooves IMO. Well acually there is no bad groove in CvS. Theres always a few pioneers that make a groove good. Like P(Makoto) and S(Dr.B).

C and A are the two best grooves in the game by far and in my opinion N is third. P and K are tied, because they have some pros and they have some cons. And S, by all means isnt a bad groove, its just less practical and doesnt have as much going for it. So I have no choice but to put it at the bottom of the list. I didnt mean to make it seem like I said it was like the worst groove, but I hate to say it, S isnt better than any of the other grooves.

Props to anyone who can use it though. :clap: :clap: :clap:

generally S isnt gonna get the results of any other groove, generally

I have found dodge to be tricky at times but people can get dodge happy just as easily as they can get roll happy and also, saying you can super someone everytime in S isnt very practical, since your meter is far and few inbetween(compared to other grooves) until your flashing, which usually means your almost dead anyway

I’m not gonna hate on S groove as I have seen players win with it and I’m not gonna doubt its potential but when it comes down to it IMO S is the least powerful groove in the game

N is a good groove also but its options though many are somtimes situational and its harder to play defensive in N groove(and playing defensive usually wins more matches) than compared to other grooves since you cant sit on a level 3 or custom and you have the so many tools for rushing down you’ll generally want to use them to apply pressure to bait a mistake(risky) then waiting it out (safe)

wait charging the bar on s groove gives dmg bonus?

LOL this right here proves the public level oof S-Groove knowledge. (btw - the answer is yes.)

Most of you are missing my point. I was looking at WHY people have this image of S having lack of options, or not enough tricks, or all the stuff most of you are posting. My point is that it’s a misconception.

Every strength N has, S has one to go along with it. I compared these two grooves because of the abundance of similarities. You can they compare S to K and again notice a lot of similarities. The minor differences like JD vs Dodge+Alpha Counters are the things that make the groove different.

Like I stated earlier, the REASON why N-Groove has a lack of showing is because it is quite hard to understand let alone use. I know all grooves have varying levels of difficulty but N is in it’s own league there. S on the other hand, whilst it does take some getting used to, is slept on for a different reason, and that reason I believe is the fact that 99% of people have no idea what S groove does. All people do is say RC > Dodge gg. Or alternatively CC > lvl1’s gg. People don’t look at the whole picture to see what S-Groove is really all about.

Yo Dr.B perhaps you should write a novel entitled “Yes, charging your guage in S-Groove DOES give you increased damage” lol.

man thats awesome, whats the highest percentage the dmg boost can go?

15% with a full charge, 20% if in desperation. N-groove gets 20%, but wastes a level 1. In S-groove it’s free. S-groove, while lacking air defense, has an advantage on the ground other grooves don’t, the dodge. Alot of people don’t know how good it really is. For example, anybody who has played a good Vega knows it’s next to impossible to get in on the bitch. One simple dodge dodge attack changes the flow of the match, say for instance you dodged when Vega slid, free knock down and you can get on the offense. If Vega did nothing you’re safe, unlike wiffing an RC funky kick or something hoping to hit Vega, dodging has little risk. Of course stupidly dodging in the same spot doesn’t accomplish anything at all. S-groove is so annoying when all your shit gets dodged and you start getting knocked down alot.

I disagree, N Groove imo is the best groove in the game.

I use an S-Ken… :xeye:

I have to admit that it’s not amazing, but it works sometimes. Dodge can throw some confusion in the mix. Most people are used to Shotos…but not shotos who dodge seeing as though, like…5 people use S effectivly -.-