S-Kill interview on MvC's story/endings prior to the release of the game


Q: Will everyone have their own ending in Marvel vs. Capcom 3?

Seth: Everybody gets their own endings, and the story will be “robust” for a fighting game. I can promise at least it will blow the endings in Marvel vs. Capcom 2 out of the water :stuck_out_tongue:

source: http://www.eventhubs.com/news/2010/may/04/killian-talks-mvc3-endings-costume-codes-and-more/

Has Seth commented on these broken promises post-release?


Only “promise” he made was that MvC3’s endings would blow MvC2’s endings out of the water. He didn’t lie.


To be fair, the endings were better than MVC2. So he wasn’t lying.


“blow them out of the water” is not the same as “better”


Yeah man, I can’t believe they did such a shoddy job on the story for a Marvel vs. Capcom game. It’s so deeply upsetting.


“robust” for a fighting game. :rofl:

No, no comment post release, are you surprised? This is the same company that promised good netcode and failed to deliver, didn’t give you spectator or replay mode, and even their self-hyped shadow mode ended up being total ass.

I think the point went completely over your head here boy.


He didn’t “promise” that it would be robust. The promise came after he mentioned that.


Nitpick if you’d like I suppose ( He “said” that would be the case, but he didn’t preface it with “I promise” so he’s off the hook :party: :rolleyes: ). They also talked up the story quite heavily at NYCC.

I suppose you do have a point there though. At the very least seems to be the modus operandi of Capcom, at least in MvC3’s case.


I’m technically correct, which according to Futurama, is the BEST KIND OF CORRECT.


I think the comic endings are pretty cool, heaps of cameos and whatnot, just lots of stupid ones…


this is the most thought out story any vs series game has ever had lol


This is sadly, the truth.