S. Korea players/arcades?


Just wondering if anyone is playing in Seoul? I’ll be there in a few weeks, staying six months or more. Otherwise, anyone know what arcades are best for SSF4? When I was a Tekken player it was an arcade near Noryangjin & ‘Green Arcade’. I never found the location of green arcade.


There’s a Korea thread already here.

The arcade to go to for sf4 has been tm arcade at isu, but no arcade in seoul has ssf4 now. The only ssf4 action is on console online or at sf house. Don’t remember what station it is at.

Edit: Guro station.



Thanks for the info! Can’t wait to see what the scene is like there.


hi i’m new in korea too… what’s sf house!!! is that someone’s like house or something?
will there be an mvc3 house? sf4 was too much about mixups for me… i quit after playing ssf4 for like 8 hours a day for 6 weeks lol