now i posted a similar post on the chun thread, and ive realised now that she better in theory than she is in reality, is this the case with S-Kyo ? and if not, what would some of the quirks and perks be about him in S?

One big downside is that none of his dodge attacks hit small ducking characters like Cammy, Iori, or Chun.

hmm, thats no so cool, well maybe i can come out with a fire punch thing ( dont know what its called). any upsides though?
i don’t know like, versitile level ones, scince the rising punch cover the entire hight of the screen, it acts like really good anti air.

OH, BTW, is there a way to use kyo’s paralyzing part of his super ONLY, its happend only on trade against my level 1 where the opponent would just stay paralyzed in fire, much like iori’s super.


is nay one gonna reply with smart post like Mr.Sparkle or this just point less because i wont get a good opinion.

Who, me? No one in particular.

i thought it was about me?..

hoaxe who r u wat arcade u play at

ok well, i play at mira’s aracade down in canda, quebec, montreal.

i dont rate myself as scrub or not, i can tell you im not super good though.im getting the hang of comboing off hand, you know when you start to combo even when you dont prepare for it; like seeing an opportunity and combing it right away. well anyways.I dont give advice about things i dont know and i dont make up stuff.(cuz when you do, you end up writing an entire page about a char, then some one howm actually knows that char. can prove how wrong you are, kcjx comes to mind here)and bla bla bla.

thats it

hope you enjoyed

you should PM about these things

i probably play u all the time and by the looks of ur team i don’t think u do well at mira

not so, i dont go there much, actually i go there rarely, the chances weve fought are so slim, i wouldnt think so,

Don’t write my name and “Quebec” in the same post please.

Thank you. :slight_smile:

ya i kow what you mean. i dont like the province either, but what can i do abou it?


by the way, i barely play on an arcade stick, withc is why im trying to build my own, so what i said, was about pad,

tell me about you though twitch…

can we stick to S kyo??

Kcxj i dont know what u have with canada and quebec but its aight cuz ur info is really good :slight_smile:

Hoaxe can we stick to S-kyo…??? wtf u talking bout???

anywayz i would like to play u sometime

anywayz back to kyo… it seems that kyo is good in any groove with run and small jump it adds to his mixup and thats what kyo is all bout

PS: kcxj i just wrote ur name and quebec in the same sentence:lol:

I don’t use S, but I have experimented with S-Kyo before. His kick dodge attack combos into the double kick which = death. When in redbar, Kyo has a very solid AA with qcfX2+p super. As mentioned by someone, any smalljump groove gives Kyo a good mixup game. For S I guess you give them something extra to think about with the dodge.

Good point however i still think kyo should stick with K-Groove

well its just im i dont like k groove, and although kyo’s dodge puch doesnt hit small ppl, his kick does the trick, no prob ther.

oh btw twitch, that friday i replyed, i just came back from the arcades at mira, but i usually play there on sturdays, im there around 5-6 oclock, im the guy with a huge suspicous black bag i cant let go of… (you know anyones that plays a K-vice, ken, mai[2]?)

umm K-vice? ya i think i do know someone and i was there friday(yesterday) i saw someone use s-groove kyo and other characters he was white was that u???

anyways wats the frame data on kyo’s st.rh up close i think u should check that out cuz i think u can punish it…so i dont recommend abusing that shit after a dodge…anywayz hoaxe u should c fred play his kyo is too good.

Empty small jumping makes kyo fucking scary hell…just small jumping alone makes him scary… u don’t know if hes gonna small jump d.hp or just grab u if u could end his rekka’s with the ending that makes him knock u down kyo would be crazy.

ya man, that would be me, im white, ( i would ask you if your asian but that would be stupid scince 85% of ppl at mira are asian… my friends are asian… man…so many…jk)i came with another friend so jsut wanted to come along, ya i use S-kyo, ryu[2], and rock. but my game blowed on friday, although saturdays match was alot better, i acctually enjoyed it, with that K-vice guy(hes an asian, he smokes, if it helps, he was wearing beige, and thats all i can remember). Its been a while scince i played with a joy stick, so im gonna have to hit the arcades more often, but with college and exam week happening, i dont know if i can manage, doesnt meen i wont try, i think tuesday i might stop by.

for that close st.rh , do you mean kyo can punish or get punished, anyways i dont use it alot, mosty ill do a st.rh from affar, its a good poke i find you dont quite see coming, sorta like geese’s st.rh, kyo’s hops forward.

tru dat about the small jump, d.hp combos into anything so easily.Wo0t!:eek:

cool i thought that was u i was watching ur matches…

anwayz i was saying i think u can punish kyo after a blocked st.hk even tho its a fierce and u get push away a little it doesnt matter

PS: we should play soon

EDIT: close s.HK 1200/-1/-1 x/o/o

the recover actually isnt that bad still sucks tho…