s.MP (2 hits) xx Chicken

Table of possible strength chickens that connect after a 2-hit s.MP:

           | Midscreen |   Corner  |
Character  | L | M | H | L | M | H | Notes
Chun       | O | O |   | O | O | O |   2
Makoto     | O | O |   | O | O | O |   2
Oro        | O | O |   | O | O | O |   2
Necro      | O | O |   | O | O | O |
Elena      | O | O |   | O | O |   |
Ibuki      | O | O | O | O | O | O | 1,2,3
Remy       | O | O | O | O | O | O | 1,2
Q          | O | O | O | O | O | O |   2
Alex       | O | O | O | O | O | O | 1
Dudley     | O | O | O | O | O | O | 1
Sean       |   |   | O |   |   | O |
Ryu        |   |   | O |   |   | O |
Ken        |   |   | O |   |   | O |
Urien      |   |   | O | O |   | O |
Akuma      |   |   | O |   |   | O |
Twelve     |   |   | O |   |   | O |
Hugo       |   |   | O |   |   | O | 1
Yun        |   |   |   |   |   | O |
Yang       |   |   |   |   |   | O |

O: Connects, but ends combo
O: Switches sides when hitting
O: Connects normally (equivalent of 1-hit s.MP xx MK Chicken)

1: Midscreen HK chicken leaves you too far to connect MP drill, but HK kara MP Drill will connect
2: Corner HK chicken hits normally and does 2 more damage then MK chicken
3: Corner HK chicken hits extremely late, leaving less time to combo from

Weird stuff:

  • HK chicken against Ibuki in the corner is weird. It leaves much less time then normal to combo from.
  • Oddly, HK chicken whiffs against Elena in the corner
  • Akuma is the only shoto that gets crossed up by HK chicken in the corner

don’t drill into tengu

drill, dash then activate, you’ll have more tengu time

MK except on Hugo (HK), as far as I know…

Never considered that. Again, 2 hit s.MP xx chicken is one of the few things I’ve never experimented with. I’ll definitely try this out in a little while (I’m at work now). This setup is completely safe? No one can quick roll and punish you?

I don’t think this is right. I was testing with shotos (Ryu specifically) and was using HK. I’m pretty sure I tried MK and it didn’t connect.

I was hoping someone would just have a link or list handy, cause I was too lazy to test it myself, but if no one posts a definitive list by tonight, I’ll just go ahead and make it myself and post it here for reference sake.

I’m still curious though if anyone has any interesting mixups/setups with this though. I’m thinking there must be a few Yagyou mixups/tricks with this because I know some people do shit like wakeup Drill xx Yagyou, which is almost the same thing.

There is an old thread where I listed what to use on each character. Good luck finding it… I don’t even remember. Either dig through the forum or have fun in Training Mode.

1st post updated with data.

Also, ThyAllMighty, about the whole Drill xx Tengu vs Drill, land, Tengu thing: While testing, I realized the cancel still obviously uses. Landing, and then activating leaves you very little time to recover and dash in. It’s so tight, I actually think it might not be safe on some characters that get up extremely fast. The thing is, against these characters, it either isn’t possible (Twins: HK chicken doesnt hit, but you can do s.MP (2 hits), MP Drill, land, Tengu, which leaves you plenty of time), or you wouldn’t be using Tengu to begin with (Dudley), or the characters are just plan bad anyway, so who cares (Twelve).

But anyway, if you’re not already in the corner, Drill xx Tengu is much better because you can get a bunch of dashes in before they get up, pushing them to the corner. Or, if you start with your back to the corner, you can dash under them before they land, then dash them back into the corner.

LOL thanks for this Hunter… although I don’t think I’ll ever do it… usually i chicken off 1 MP and if I ever do 2 MP I just link into super. Very useful info though and I like your chart :smiley:

use it for a hit confirm.

That won’t work… 2 hit mp x chicken x 1 hit mp xx super?

2 hit mp has a juggle count of 4, chicken is 1, then one hit mp is 1, so thats a total of 6 points, which means any super you cancel after that wont hit, unless you want to do vanilla tengu.

I just wanna let ya’ll know I had some good chicken at this Mediterranean restaurant.

Luvin’ it, can we sticky this thread??

You’re assuming “hit confirm” refers to confirming a super, but it doesn’t have to. He (and the point of this) is referring hit confirming the chicken itself, since it’s unsafe if blocked. So instead of randomly doing 1 hit s.MP xx chicken, when you don’t know if it will hit, you do 2 hit s.MP and confirm the chicken.

I was considering (eventually) adding to this thread a similar table showing what Yagyou strengths and follow ups to use on each character. I know the information already exists in a couple of threads on here, but it would be nice to have one “reference” thread where all this kind of information is kept, instead of having to hunt it down every time I forget something. That’s why I posted this table to begin with.

If enough people want this, I’d be willing to add that kind of stuff to it. Other smaller things to, like the list of characters that can be crossed up in the corner, etc.

I know he means he hit confirms the qcf k, not the super, obviously… Im saying theres no point hit coning into chicken, what do you get out of it? Ok maybe 2 hit mp chicken uppercut or rh or sumin, but in terms of setting up a super its next to useless, because of the juggle count as i mentioned before. If you wanna bring out a super, hit con a 2 hit mp, or even better, 2 hit mp walk in then 1 hit mp xx super.

But with respect to your idea for a yakou followup table, i think thats a brilliant idea.

You don’t always have full meter. To my knowledge, these are the combos that build the most meter while still being safe to attempt. In other words, [s.MP xx MK chicken]x2, ender, builds more meter, but it’s not safe to try randomly. s.MK/c.MK xx ragdoll isn’t safe, and doesn’t even build much meter to begin with. The point of this is to have a good no meter combo, which other then these, Oro has none that are safe to attempt.

If you want to get technical, 2 hit s.MP isn’t even safe if you just do nothing afterwards (like if you were looking to hit confirm super, or chicken). You have to jump cancel away to make it safe. But even without jump canceling it, it’s still infinitely harder to punish then a blocked command throw, or chicken, which both give you all day to punish.

Heh, I wouldn’t call it a brilliant idea. The brilliant idea was whoever came up with that stuff to begin with. Wanting to organize the information into an easy to read place is hardly brilliant.

Ok ill change that to “thats a bollocks idea”. My bad.

And theres nevertheless better options than what you suggested. Try 2 hit mp walk in 1 hit mp x neutral jump roundhouse for same meter build and better stun.

Oro is too short to be in 3rd strike

I don’t know why I have debates with people like you. You say bullshit like this that makes me doubt myself on shit I’ve already tested, and then I go back and test it again, only to confirm I was right to begin with. It’s obvious you haven’t tested it even once, or you you wouldn’t be saying shit like this.

On Ryu:

s.MP (2 hits) xx HK Chicken, MP Uppcut:
36 Damage
~1/3 stun
~3/5 of a SA2 bar (enough for an EX)

s.MP (2 hits), s.MP (1 hit) xx neutral j.HK:
30 Damage
~1/3 stun
~2/5 of a SA2 bar (not even enough for an EX)

The stuns were so close to the same, I couldn’t even see a difference. There might have been slightly more stun from your combo, but definitely not enough to justify the fact that it does less damage, builds less meter, and let’s not forget, doesn’t knock down.

The only time I would use the combo you said is if I landed a s.MP and for some reason wasn’t buffering either a chicken, or super. Period.

I love having these discussions, people, I really do. But don’t disrespect me by wasting my time when you couldn’t even take the two minutes to test your own theories yourself. If you don’t have the means to test it yourself, at least preface your opinion, or theory as such, instead of stating it as fact.

I have no respect for you to begin with, for the obvious reason that we’ve never conversed. And in actual fact, common sense would prevail in suggesting that specials increase your gauge moreso than normals, duh :rolleyes:

At least I triumphed in wasting your time:chat:

Chill out, smoke some tings.

That’s a shitty outlook. If you’re that much of an asshole, I wont even bother dignifying that comment with a rebuttal, because you’re obviously not worth it.

“In actual fact,” the more you say, the more you show your ignorance for this game. A move being special or normal isn’t the property of the move that determines the way it builds meter. It’s just different for every move.

Going by your logic, Oro’s command throw would build good meter because it’s a special, when it fact, it builds the same amount of meter as s.MK. In fact, if I had to make a generalization, I would say that on average, specials probably build less meter then normals, overall.

Yeah, you’re right, I shouldn’t waste my time trying to help scrubs like you get better.

Get out of my thread.

Hang on a sec, you’re the one who talks about ignorance, yet it is you who chooses to come out with a comment such as “I shouldn’t waste my time trying to help scrubs like you get better.”? That actually made me laugh a bit: Don’t dwell on that one too long or else you made end up editing that very post:lame: This entire thread has not helped me one bit, it was an interesting to see where your time goes an’ everything, but i found it to be rather shit. Everyone plays differently, but personally when im within close s.mp range, i dont just throw it out, SGGK and high-low mixups i find more effective. Also I dont remember seeing a single video or any credible Oro player using a 2 hit mp into chicken and thinking “I so have that learn that, what absolute magic!”.

Secondly, do you want to talk about ignorance? Read this and tell me you still believe the crap you spat out in your last post about specials not building more meter (with the exception of every fireball in the game :pleased:)
For those too “ignorant” to not be able to read japanese, (ignorant’s such a big word, makes you feel like a true man doesnt it?:lame:) the gauge increase is the penultimate column of 4 bunched together, specials start a 3rd of the way down the screen. So, “in actual fact”, what you said is utter bullshit.

How’s that for a rebuttal?