s.MP (2 hits) xx Chicken

Hey, if you don’t want to improve your game, I’m not holding a gun to your head. You keep right on doing your walk up 1 hit s.MP j.HK.

…What’s your high hit for your high/low mix up, if you aren’t using close MP? s.MK? UOH? Wow, scary high game you got there. Even better, tell me what your low game is. c.MK? c.HK? Do you fucking get it yet? Besides 2 hit MP combos (of which, the ones in this thread are the best overall, in almost every situation), Oro has no combos he can try that are safe. If you’re playing a “high/low” game with just pokes, you’re going to get raped by people who parry a lot, because your risk vs reward is so bad.

But hey, like I said, if you want to keep your game stagnant and old, be my guest.

Found [media=youtube]Ftf-TTUNZik"[/media] in about a minute and a half on Youtube, and this wasn’t even the one I was looking for.

What, do you think I invented this shit? I first made this thread because I saw it in a video and realized its value. In the video I saw that caused me to make this thread, the player (I think Dirty Music) was in his own corner and did the combo against a character who could be crossed up with a HK chicken (Ken, I think). He got meter in the middle of the combo, and canceled the Drill into Tengu, dashed under before he landed from the Drill, and dashed him into the corner before he got up.

It’s besides the point, anyway. So what if you’ve never seen a top player do it. Nice logic: “I’ve never seen it done, so it must be a dumb idea.” Are you so shitty you have to be spoon-fed your tactics from top player videos? Why don’t you get your head out of your ass, and actually try to think for yourself for once, instead of just copying what you see in videos without knowing why you’re doing it.

Now that you know the advantage of the 2 hit MP xx chicken combos over the combo you suggested, are you really going to sit here and keep trying to tell me the one you suggested is better?

But yeah, if I were you, I’d definitely stick with that 1 hit s.MP j.HK. I wouldn’t you to accidentally step your game up, or learn something new. Heaven forbid, right?

See the difference between you and me is, when I’m not sure of something, I say words like “I think,” or “probably,” so that other people know it’s not a fact, and I might be wrong.

I can’t read japanese, so the link you provided is worthless. Maybe in your infinite wisdom you could explain it?

What I do know is that I tested s.MK and HP command throw, and they build the same meter. So your comment about “common sense tells you specials build more bar then normals” is worthless.

Also, I’m sorry if you get offended by my “big words.” I’ll try to keep them small and easy for you to follow, from now on.

There was a valid point in that mess of a post? Try harder.

You know Hunter I’ve been thinking about it for a bit and watched that Dirty video you posted… and this is a REALLY GOOD IDEA. Seriously… the chicken combo is SO bunk when you don’t have meter for a super, especially against shotos, who are difficult to chicken in the first place. Not only (from your test results, not mine) does the combo 2hitMP>HKchick>MPupper do more damage, it also builds bar faster AND knocks down? This is some pretty nifty shit. Of course it does completely eliminate reset options, but this seems like a very safe and effective way to do a fair ammount of damage. I’ll definately attempt to incorporate it into my gaming strategy.

Oh, and calling somebody ignorant in in a negative manner due to their inability to read Japanese is the DUMBEST insult I’ve ever heard.

um well

Chicken combo builds some really lovely bar. C.FP reset if you into the corner is going to give you enough bar nearly every time. The only thing I like about this is that it is parry safe. I really hate when S.mp gets air parried and I chicken afterwards. I hate that shit.

But yeah chicken combo 4 hits + mpupper would still be my standard. It also creates knockdown.

Mmmm chicken is good.

Ugh, reading hunters last rant was exhausting enough, ill make my post as brief as possible.

Firstly to spectre, you’re pretty dumb to think for a second that i was actually being serious, i guess yanks have never heard of sarcasm, look it up, its under “s”.

To briefly outline what i wanna say, I tend to try and keep the opponent on their feet using resets, makes it easier for me to stun. a lot of the time I throw out s.rh after a 2 hit mp due to the short amount of time it takes, and the fact it does 1/3 stun on most. Sure if i score a parry Ill chicken into super, thats the only real means of dealing major damage, so outside of that I go for stun, which means throws, s.fierce, poke strings and bait parries on top of that of course.

Before all this of course, id start building meter, therefore especially with SAII, if i do land a mp, ive already got enough meter to bring out a super.

And finally to huntersfl (just to lower the tone a bit), its disappointing to see how much ignorance through assumption you’ve managed to amalgamate into your last post. You clearly knew nothing about the way I play yet you bring out a tremendous load of bollocks to make yourself sound smart. FYI it failed, you look like a pratt.

The link I sent in the previous post is in fact rather self explanatory, the direction buttons are illustrated through numbers, the numbers correspond to their typical position on a calculator (5 = neutral, 6 = forward, 4 = back etcetc), and p = punch and k = kick. where they list 3 punches in a single table, you can safely assume it means light medium hard, okay?:yawn:

And i know… this post turned into a pretty long one as well :xeye:

EDIT: what ryantherobot says makes good sense.

LOL. Ignorance is bliss I suppose.

If anything yakou I’d be the LAST Oro player to use a setup like this, but all I’m saying is that it can be useful, which you refuse to understand. You don’t have to bash a guy for being unique in his Oro play. Sometimes when I’m watching a vid or a match with an Oro in it and he does something really unorthodox such as this combo I’m like ‘WTF?’… like it has mind game potential too. I don’t think that you should shut down Hunter just because he is suggesting a different way of doing things…

Man, you’re so full of shit. It’s so obvious that you’re just making up this half assed argument as you go, because it makes no sense.

You’re trying to tell me that’s it’s easier to stun them when you finish your combos by resetting them across the screen from you? Instead of getting the same stun with a knock down right next to you?

This is pretty much the only logical thing you said, but I still have a problem with it, especially because you used SA2 as your example. When you’re trying to land a s.MP when it’s not guaranteed (like off a parry or jump in chicken), you’ll be doing 2 hit s.MP, walk up 1 hit s.MP xx super, which can be pretty difficult against some characters. Although it’s definitely worth the try considering the reward for hitting the combo. But there are going to be a lot of situations where there’s no point in trying, and these 2 hit MP, chicken combos will still be useful, like if they’re too close to the corner to set up the unblockable, or about to die.

You’re an idiot. I’m not making assumptions on your game play, they were rhetoric questions based off of Oro. I don’t need to know how you play to know that Oro’s only good (and I use that term loosely) high options are s.MK (close and far), s.HK, UOH, and to a lesser extent s.MP. This is just a fact of Oro, not a question of how you play. These options are all weak, especially against a character who can deal a lot of damage off of one parry. They’re weak because you can’t do anything from successfully hitting them.

So if you tell me you “play a high low game,” I don’t need to see you play, because there’s only so much you can do, and no matter what it is, your best potential for damage, stun, and meter from a high hit is s.MP.

Thanks for the explanation, but I really don’t care. It’s irrelevant to the thread and conversation.

Seriously though, you didn’t answer my question last time. Are you really still trying to argue that these combos are not his best no meter combos that are safe to attempt? Because I see no argument for that case after I shut down your “walk up 1 hit s.MP j.HK” attempt. All I see if you grasping at whatever you can argue with from my post, no matter how meaningless it is.

So at this point, are you just kinda going with your original perception of the combos, and just playing devil’s advocate, even though you know you’re wrong?

Anyway, I wont be responding to this thread until next week, as I’ll be gone for the weekend. But expect when I get back, I’ll be updating the first post with that SA2 table, which I’ve already started collecting information for from old threads.

Haha, im the one clutching at straws? You seem to be the one pussying out of arguments to do with meter building when you just realise you’re wrong. K your little combo which myself, like spectre7, will never use, but you seem to only pick fights which you think you stand a chance of winning, the rest you pretend arent even issues. For a guy your age you need to grow up.

And yeah, in fact, i AM saying that its easier to stun someone if you reset them, obviously because keeping them on their feet gives them less time to think, and because if theyre knocked down they will lose SOME stun while theyre down.

And finally, you need to learn the meaning of the word rhetorical (or “rhetoric” as you say, which grammatically is complete shit in this case :chat:). You say a rhetorical question in order to emphasise a point, and clearly the point ure trying to make is that I play the way you say, and guess what asshole, thats an assumption.

Yeah, piss off and take some time out from this thread. At least when uve made your next table, it could give 2 other people something pointless to argue about so we can take a break.

Stop this pointless bickering. I may harp on Thanatos, but I don’t take it THIS seriously.

I prefer to double launch because it’s universal. The marginal increase in damage and meter isn’t enough for me to bother with it most of the time, though I occasionally 2-hit launch xx chicken anyway. You’ll notice in that same video that was linked earlier that Dirty used BOTH variants.

Po-tay-to, po-tah-to.