S.mp->c.mk->s.lk WTF?!?!?!

disclaimer: Yes I know this is a stun/combo video that is in every way impossible/not practical in a match/etc. I know that these videos are not going to help me get any better yada yada yada.

Anyhow, even with the stun I cannot figure out for the life of me how she links s.mp then c.mk then s.lk.

It’s about 1:05 in.

does taunting give her moves more hit-stun ?

I just looked it up and it’s possible on crouching opponents without them being stunned. Both links are 1 frame links though. MP on crouching = +8, C.MK starts up in 7 and leaves you +5 vs crouching and S.LK starts up in… yoiu guessed it, 4 frames.

freakin weird…

It wouldn’t happen to matter if it’s hugo though right? Does it work on everyone?

So bizarre…

yes it should work on every crouching character EXCEPT that I don’t know if other characters are wide enough for the S.LK to reach after the two medium attacks, but then again I haven’t checked.

Sorry to rain on your parade, ZenFire, but I think there’s something wrong with the frame data you’re looking at. st.Strong does leave you at +8, and cr.mk does leave you at +5, but cr.mk and st.lk have 1 more frame of start up than you indicated (8 and 5, respectively).

As a result, these are indeed 1 frame links, but they are only possible because of the 1 extra frame granted by the stunned state. That is to say, they are 1 frame links that only work on crouching, stunned characters.

And yes, it works on everyone :slight_smile:

That has to be the most useless shit ever.

I was hoping to get at least something from this:lame:


:crybaby: :crybaby:lies ALL LIES!!! :crybaby: :crybaby:

100% confirmed ?? O__o. If “yes”, this (maybe) is a very interesting stuff… am am

you say GameRestaurant is wrong? then life is wrong! (,#???):?;’?,;`:!!!

EDIT: but no, you’re right, I’ve done some frame counting in the past and there do seem to be off by one errors in the game restaurant data after all. I guess the 3S bible go tit right the first time. I dunno what it’s all about though.

Don’t forget that super meaty st.mp -> cr.mk also works on crouching characters (without stun). You should know this, since I’ve done it to you. :wgrin:

So is someone gonna ask how you link Alex’s f+HP into Hyper Bomb? Maybe this is the wrong topic tho.

Even if this isn’t the right topic, i’m answer your question: I did this twice… you must “meaty” the F+Hp and do the Hyper Bomb Like if you’re cancelling the F+Hp… yes, i know that this isn’t the right way to do… but is the only thing that i did to do the combo. ^^U

That’s true…you could theoretically do meaty st.mp, cr.mk, SAI for massive damage on wakeup, provided they try to low parry.

fuck that, this is some really nice shit… good job fo real.