S.mp hit confirm and DP's

getting back into the game now but before I dropped it for a little bit, I was fucking aroud with s.mp, hit confirm, link sa3 and actually got pretty good at it. IIRC it has a range on it but sa3 hits from super far too. If you can confirm off it no problem, its good to use right? it hits further out than c.mp and its still linkable I think and it has pretty good priority IIRC. I always felt like it was a good move but never saw anyone use it other than some jap players and a ken player from australia.

also, what about kara dp as an anti poke? too risky? The last session I played I was doing this every round sparringly maybe once or twice and it has a nice range on it. Yea its risky but kara lp dp has some fwd range on it so you can kind play 3\4 screen and work it in there. Some players know kens regular LP DP range and tend to poke right outside of it to bait it out. Kara dp will hit those pokes that are supposed to be bait.

st.mp is good in certain matches, it links into SA3 from any distance so don’t worry about ranges, as long as it hits you can link SA3. It is extremely useful in Ken vs Ken because this is one of the only matches where low forward is unsafe. It also hits shotos crouching which helps. It isn’t useful against characters that can crouch it though like Chun li.

Don’t srk as a poke unless you can see them attack first, that only works in ST against Sim, it’s too dangerous in 3S.

st. mp into sa3 can go very far with range. but it can miss. if its close to max range away the first hit of shippu will miss so they can block.
besides that R_T_S_D is right.

Stand strong is pretty nice. The range is conveniently right between low strong and low forward. It comes out as fast as low forward, is safe on block(+3), and can only be parried high.

It can hit certain character crouching, but there is a difference in range compared when standing. You have to be slightly closer, just outside of close stand strong for it to connect. This is for a lot of characters, not just the shotos actually… but does not apply to some of the taller guys like Dudley, Hugo and Q. Chun-Li, The brothers, Oro, and Ibuki are ones that I am sure can crouch under this completely.

I use this every now and then, mostly to punish whiffed throws mid-screen when I’ve got meter. It does connect at max range, but since it is a link, the timing can be tricky… just need to buffer correctly and drum those kicks.