S o l d


I bought this here a while back but have not used it since testing to see if it works. I like my VLX’s most and always use those. your choice of black or orange ball top.
75 shipped in USA
65 + shipping int’l

also available: red bubble translucent or seimitsu ltd. edition green ($2 extra for either of these)

OPTIONAL: I purchased a plexi to make some custom art from Focusattack before deciding if I liked the stick itself. This is an 8 button style of the thicker plexi they offer and can be included for an extra $10.

Pics upon request… looks like every other Round 1 TE.


What’s the dual mod on it? 360 + Cthulu or is it a PS360+ ?


Good question… I’d have to bust it open and see. I forgot to mention I only have a PS3, so i tested it on that…