S.O.S. Razer Atrox HELP!


Hi all !!

i just got my Razer Atrox home and i wanted to change the ball top (let me say to begin with that im a noob at sticks and fighters) so when i opened it up i think i have misunderstood how to change the ball top… so insteed i removed the split at the bottom so now i sit with 2 peaces and a spring and i do not know how to put it back together again :frowning: can someone PLEASE help me

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As far as I know, the atrox uses a sanwa JLF - In which case, this might help


http://imgur.com/RK42ghy E clip goes on the groove at the bottom. At work so hope this helps.


The Razer Atrox do use a Sanwa JLF.


Many many MANY thanks Ruzael !!! that helped me out alot ! :smiley: i thourt i have just broke my Atrox that i bort yesterday ! but now its back to normal and works :smiley: i owe you big time :slight_smile:


On the plus side, you now know how to replace the crappy spring and actuator.


No problem! Just glad I could help out.


that is true :slight_smile: is that somthing i will need to do at some point ? for “tuning” ?