S/SFIV blocking on wake up

This is a fairly technical question and there might actually be a name for this phenomenon it but I haven’t seen it discussed yet.

Meaty attacks on wakeup only leave you with 3 options: block, evade, reversal. You can do normal attacks because there’s no “gap” to allow any moves - you wakeup into the opponent’s attack. You can’t even crouch. However, blocking seems to shorten your wakeup by 1 or 2 frames. If you wakeup into a meat and hold down, your character will still be in a standing-hit animation. If you hold down-back, your character will go into a crouching-hit animation. This means that the game must be cancelling at least one of the wakeup frames and going straight into blocking. This technique is also the only way that I know of to get counter-hit out of a normal move by a meaty attack (not throw). So it seems that if you block while you’re rising, it cancels one at least one frame of wakeup, and it leaves you a gap to start a move.

Are there any uses for this technique? The only thing that I could think of was that it maybe allows you to Focus Attack 1 frame faster on wakeup?


The fastest you can do anything is in the reversal window and meaty attacks might actually occupy that reversal window so meaties don’t actually make you recover faster they’re just hitting you in the reversal window.

It does that because if you’re hit on the first frame after getting up, you’re forced to stand. Only way to not stand is to block low on wakeup. It really means nothing, other than when you safe jump someone, they’ll be standing, unless they’re dumb and they blocked low.

They’re hitbox counts as standing, that doesn’t mean they can be hit any sooner.

I don’t think you’re understanding me. Pressing buttons during normal wake up doesn’t cancel the frame(s) where you’re forced to stand. Blocking and pressing a button at the same time however does, that’s why you can get counter hit. Since you can’t block and attack at button at the same time, it either means that the attack cancels the blocking animation on the second frame. Or the game registers that you’re holding back, cancels the standing frame, but does a normal move instead of blocking. This means that this technique allows you to perform a moves (at least normal moves) 1 frame sooner than normal. I’m asking if there’s any use for this.

just get defend and press any button?

I didn’t really get your post, but I remember reading somewhere that getting hit meaty on wakeup forces your character to stand.

It looks like wao exploits this phenomenon in this vid at 1m15s:


He blocks high on wakeup which shortens his recovery, then instantly does cr.mk to evade the jump in.