S tier



So can someone explain to me why everyone is saying gat is S tier now?
Will he still be S tier if that low ts nerf goes through?


'cause Bonchan


You’re probably trolling me but I’ll bite.
I don’t think people are basing these tier lists on an individual’s skill, otherwise Ryu would be ranked a lot higher.
Gat must have some sort of advantage over the rest of the cast.
I’d assume that it’s his zoning game that sets him apart, but I don’t understand how people think zoning is that powerful in this game.


I was. Only halfway though.

Zoning will definitely be stronger in Ultra with the emphasis on knockdown/vortex mixups reduced, which benefits Sagat. It may have to do with some of the nerfs other characters received.

Besides that I do think Bonchan is that good with a character who’s fighting style is emphasized by the “removal” of vortexes and setups.


Bonchan? LMFAO! Bonchan is a scrub. If you wanna know a real Sagat, his name is Jebop.

Fireball characters are seen stronger in USF4. Vortex got nerfed and people believe the stuff Sagat got, is all that he needed.


Bipsons do make the best Sagats though


I’m THE Bison and THE Sagat!

I beat 4 Sagats online with Sagat, and I’ve only been using him for a week and a half. #Kappa

I’m stuck between Gat, Juri and Chun on the next one. Chun… I have old man fingers. Juri… Bastard to play online, the slightest bit of delay really bugs me and I’ll just give up. Sagat much easier and I like the zoning game at times. Except vs Dudley/Rog. Those online yolo’s. I can’t get a read on random… It’s the same with Guy when I use Bison, the yolo is strong and leaves me salty when winning.