I know all this guy’s moves, but I don’t know how to apply them in a match. Is there anyone else here good with S-Vega that can help?

I was owned by a fairly good Zangief a few days ago, and my brother’s figured out my poking pattern, although I can still hurt his Chang… Katalysmic’s Chang is one mean fucker.
Just look at the Newpark Mall Thread.

Vega is a good fighter in any groove (yes and P-Groove to)
With Vega you most used move is Punches and Kicks… his specials moves are used only in some cases… because when you do a Special move like Rolling Cristal you are blank target to any move… if you make a Special move whit vega you will hit that move or you are die…

-If your oponent are faaaar away of you and his jump foward. you most do a Super Jump to him and use the Fierce Punch
-If your oponent are a midle distance of you and jump use Weak Punch Rolling Cristal (this move counter Tatsumakis :slight_smile: )
Or if you dont have time to do it, use the Fierce Kick (anti air version i love )
-The Crouching Medium Punch is the best poking! use it when you opponent are try to do something (this move is perfect to counter Hadokens and lag moves) and you can use it for counter enemy jumps if your oponent are far
-The Crouching Fierce Kick use if your oponent are standing and far… or to hit missed moves like a Mised shoryuken

thats is for now… maybe i will make a little Faq in the future :stuck_out_tongue:

i love S-vega. here’s a few tips…

-abuse short jump roundhouse. it’s practically unpunishable on reaction and has crazy priority.

-charge your meter bit by bit throughout the round, then when you get to critical life, charge to max. then do the makoto trick- since you have them scared of short jump roundhouse, do an empty short jump, crouching short, standing jab x1/2 depending on timing, claw super. great way to get damage before you die and it’s very quick. the timing is a little tricky, but just remember to immediately start charging down-back once you short jump, do crouching short, move the stick to straight back for standing jab (i do 2 so i can guarantee my charge and so i can see that it’s hitting), then hold the second standing jab, whip the motion, then hit fp (or triple tap the buttons if you want).

-don’t dodge like an idiot, but vega’s punch dodge attack is good.


What are his weaknesses then? Things to watch for to prevent the opponent from turning tables on you and dominating the match against Vega…

I think I read in some other thread that Vega dies to some characters, or dies in the corner. Does S help him any in this?

Against Zangief, go to the wall. Do the Sky High Claw.

Then do it again.

And again.

and yes… AGAIN.

Unless they’re P or K, that’s the most annoying thing you can do to a Gief player.

Still haven’t found anything new on this guy yet, focusing more on Rock to get him up to par with my Athena…
However I am still using S-Vega. I am loving his lowjump Roundhouse.

He Rocks.

This one move where you charge down then up punch is throwing me off a bit. Should you only use this move for countering in the air if they jump?
It seems I get punished easily whether I connect with it or they block.

Vega’s awesome to me because of his speed, sometimes it seems that no matter what the other guy does, Vega’s fast enough to counter it. Of course, this isn’t always the case, but it does seem so.

I know his dodge punch is good, but has anyone managed to pull off some shit with the dodge kick attack?
Seems like an easy way to set up alot of his moves.
Or should you just stick to the dodge punch?

It doesn’t seem like S-Vega plays any differently than the others, except that you can simply charge to MAX for the added damage boost after a knockdown with the dodge punch or any knockdown.