S video output from PC to TV


What kind of quality should I expect when I use my s-video output to my tube TV? Sometimes I just want to watch stuff from my computer on my TV. All I would need is a 6 ft. s video cable, but they cost 15 bucks or so. I was just wondering if I could get some first hand opinions.



it’s great for emulators. Make sure you get a quality cable (great insulation) because it’s easy to get noise if you get a crappy one.


Thats what the xbox is for! I am planning to use it for any miscellaneous tv shows or ppv’s I download. My computer desk chair is not so great for leaning back and watching tv like my recliner chair. I already have my soundcard hooked up to my stereo reciever, so I figure I might as well go all the way.

Of course, if it looks like ass then I would rather not get my hopes up.


S-Video also works well for playing Videos too.

Desktop emulation now, that sucks. Unless its a actual TV-Output card only, or a quality top of hte line video card you wont get great visual quality with icons and text.

And yes, get a quality cable. Also get one the length you need, the longer it is isnt always better.