S-Video Vs Component from PC to TV

I’ve begun work on a Media P.C. for all of my Shows, Music, Pictures, Etc…

I currently have an old GeForce Fx5200 in the computer and I really don’t feel I willl need anything better since it is only running movies and DVD’s to my T.V.

The video Card has VGA out, DVI out, and S-Video Out. Currently I have it running s-video to my TV.

My T.V. is a 30" Sanyo CRT HDTV 720p. The video’s look decent at best, but when trying to read text or anything, it is blurry. I’ve tried resizing the resolution to as low as possible, and the lowest the Computer will go while hooked up to the TV is 800x600.

My questions is this…

I have an available set of Component slots free on the TV.

If I buy an DVI to component cable, would the resolution go up and be clearer on the TV? Also, would I need a specific Video Card or do the cable “Just work” as though it was plugged into a Standard monitor.

I remember reading somewhere that S-Video only has a max resolution of 640x480 or something like that.

Thanks for any help Chums.


One of the problems I always ran into when trying to do this is that trying to convert a signal from the PC to the TV without using a straight VGA or DVI cable is that the image is always going to look terrible for text. Don’t buy a DVI/component adapter/cable thing, it’s not going to make your text any clearer. If you have to have the text clarity without making your fonts huge, I would suggest a converter box of some kind. They aren’t necessarily cheap though, I think $150 - $200 last I looked.

Yikes okay then, I’m not really going for Crazy Resolution or anything, just something to make the text a bit clearer for the Gf to navigate through our Media.

Thanks for the help


Yeah, getting it to work is an absolute bear. The free solution is to make your fonts bigger. Not sure what OS you’re running with but it’s fairly easy to do with Windows Media Center; as long as you’re okay using it as a frontend. For everything else (in windows) it takes some minor tweaking to get bigger fonts; Display Properties --> Settings --> Advanced --> DPI Setting --> Larger size. You may or may not have to adjust these settings individually as well for web browser or any other program you’re going to use.

Thats Actually a Really good idea, didn’t even think of it. Thanks man, hopefully it will work out. Luckily it’s a straight media machine, off my network. I just move everything over to it via Thumb Drive.

I need to get it networked Eventually… Moving all of Transformers Cartoons took FOREVER lol…

Thanks again