Are we allowed to sell items on this site fighting game related?

I have a fight stick that I barely touched and want it gone!!!

If not, thanks anyways!:clown:

You really are a dumbopop.

go to the trading section

Read the rules here in the trading outlet for selling items.

whatcha got/got pics?

Thanks to whoever moved my thread to the right spot!

Umm I have the marvel vs capcom TE fightstick for 360.

Only used for about 2-3 hours at most! I tried converting to stick, but found it wasn’t for me.

I have the original box that comes with it also, in great condition!!
Looking for a local pick up for 110?(I really have no idea on what a fair price is for one of these being it my first one… So feel free to lmk if anything!), because i have absolutely no idea on how to ship this big ol thing…