S00perCam's Spring Cleaning


Hey everyone I’m getting rid of some of my excess gaming stuff at reasonable to stupid low prices everything is OBO.


GC controller nothing too special minus turbo function the d-pad is actually pretty reminiscent of Saturns or closer to the Genesis

Price: $5 obo


Feels alot like a ps2 controller

$5 obo


Shadow the hedgehog

$3 obo


Sonic Adventure DX

$5 obo


Bump added a ton of new things dropped prices everything is till OBO LAST DAY SPECIAL


PM incoming for SE case.


se case and ffny pending


ffny sold se back on the market


bump prices dropped decided against going on ebay so feel free to lowball me


pm u for the injustice stick.


PMed you for the stick as well :slight_smile:


First one between @drpepper and @RavageDingo to offer their payment gets it


Interested in the SE, but is the PCB bad? Only works 50% of the time?