S3 Bison: Our hunger for Power will be Our Undoing- BUT NOT REALLY! >:D

I am actually very happy with S2 Bison. He’s very powerful but also very balanced (Top 10 or 15). What do you want S3 Bison to bring to the table? Dramatic shift? Or tiny tweaks?

I think Capcom are going to shake things up balance-wise. We will also be getting new V-stuff and CAs, but let’s focus on changes to what we have rather than hypothetical new stuff like TELEBACK DASHES.

It´s hard to say, I think he´s ok now. It would be cool if he was better and more people started doing better with him but I don´t know what to buff right now. A faster AA and something extra. Overall I hope he´s the same or better in S3, if the new V-stuff and CAs make him better and more fun than we´re good.

I can think of only 2 things that are fair to ask for:

CA during VT to deal as much damage as Akuma and Necalli’s CAs during VT. I think this is a fair thing to ask for.

Faster C.HP would be the other fair thing to ask for.

Everything else is indulgent in the context of the current character balance.

Psycho Axe back to 16f!!

For real I think a speed buff on crHP to 8f would be fair, everything else I want to ask for is a nerf on the bullshit from other characters.

-Make backdash a teleport move just like forward dash.
-Make forward dash’s invincibility frames (even at the expense of making it projectile-invincible only) so that you can consistently pass through fireballs.

SHTAAAAP or I’m gonna have to start liking you! :smiley:

I considered the idea of making his forward dash have more invincibility (but only projectile invincibility) then I realized we would lose out on so many amazing high level dashes by Venom and others. It’s too cool to lose out the full invincibility.

The idea of Cr.Hp having juggle potential is something i aways wanted… follow up with hell attack would be nasty.

Didn’t this move CC in the beta?? or maybe it was slide that had the juggle state? Cant remember.

Slide has juggle state.

Although C.HP makes perfect sense. C.HP into HP or DR. Or Hell’s Attack - they would all look sick as fuck.

He was apparently inspired by Darkstalkers’ Demitri and his back dash is a teleport also. I don’t see a reason why they wouldn’t implement it. Just change the animation and not the move properties.

  • change Vtrigger teleports in some way, so that mashing jabs in panic wont be the answer
  • a consistent and properly working AA.
  • j.HP that beats AA Jabs, which should not exist anyway. That includes Bison’s c.lp.

Yo, from day one, every non-Bison player has been telling me how good jHP is and bla bla and stop whining about your character and bla bla … Did you even check the hurtbox on this move?

One Gief player even told me I can beat Lariat with jHP.


What I really want from S3 Bison is to have a better walkspeed and Beta 1 cr.Hp (faster and with much better priority) and maybe a slight damage increase across the board.
Those changes are the top on my S3 change list and I would be very happy with them.

Fun changes that I would love if they implement are:

  1. A hitbox reduction to DR and change the variation so lp version moves him slightly backward, MP version make him stop and drop down on the spot and HP version descend with forwarding movement.
  2. Cr.Mk have better hitstun so it can combo into the M versions of Bison specials moves.
    3.Shadow Axe target combo hits overhead.
  3. VSkill can parry lows and it has 4 frames start-up and on a successful absorb recovery is greatly reduced (7 frames or so) so it can be used to punish certain moves.

Otherwise, I think he is in a good spot in S2 minus the fact he is Cr.Hp should be much better and faster than it is in order for his design to be better and make sense in my opinion.

Give him his Psycho Crusher back. Change his projectile to fireball motion.

for 2nd CA I want Psycho Punisher back.

I want to spread purple flames all over my opponents’ insides


Reminder that the worst version of M Bison wasn´t charged:


I’m probably one of the few who would prefer 100% charge character…

Throwing this idea out: have inferno changed to a charge special… jus have faster start up. Have Ex-inferno be his invincible reversal… lol sound crazy as hell…

On the bright side, MvC gave us Psycho Field/Explosion and with the multiple Bisons on screen arguably paved the way for SFEX2’s Shin Bison.

I’m probably one of the few who want charge supers back lol.

Bison doesn’t need an invincible reversal now in my opinion. And a no charge option for a combo ender is useful. But I would’nt change any of his current charge moves to motion. Charge CA is good on paper but you could not cancel from Inferno anymore.

Maybe for a second CA it would make sense.

I’m ok with an invincible reversal if it is his second VT. Otherwise he probably doesn’t need it.

I think what Bison needs or rather deserves is:

C.HP being a solid AA.
CA1 dealing extra damage during VT1 (and maybe a buff to the animation to indicate this).

I wouldn’t honestly want to change anything else about S2 Bison (besides of course backward teledashes but that goes without saying).

I fear the nerfs though. I really do because Bison has done exceptionally well online and the whiners can be loud. Let’s hope Capcom actually stick to their word about nerfs.