SA. 2 to j.sp ?

I just started playing chun li and This seems like a pretty common thing to do after super art two, jump up and punch them once with strong? Anyways, for some reason I can’t seem to get it off… isit just a timing thing or is it a special jump?

You have to super jump (D-U) the last hit toward the oppoenet, then Frc-T.Frc them. Not hard

Frc-T.Frc, fierce tap fierce?

A good way to learn the timing on the sj. cancel is to mash down-left, up-right (you wanna super jump towards your launched opponant, obviously) throughout SA2. Eventually youre hand will learn at what point the cancel actually takes place and youll be able to do it every time without question.

You can do:
2 jumping Fierces
an immidiate down+MK followed by MK to reset(I think this just works on Chun Li, not sure though ,I dont use it much)
down MK , RH (This works on Chun for sure, maybe others, not the twins or Dudley though , for sure)
…or pretty much anything else

You can get out another cr.MK xx SA2 with a groung crossup following a j.LK, or you can do your fierce fierce early and do UOH as soon as you hit the ground (yes I pulled this right out of the guide:lol:)

Hope this helps:tup:

woo thanks that does help…also…there’s a guide? lol

Yeah Brady Games made a Street Fighter Anniversary Collection guide, its like 20 bucks and comes with the soundtrack to the game.

Also Id recommend reading the following

Great guide to Chun Li.

The Chun Li General Strategy thread here has a lot of good info, and the Chun Li Advanced thread is off to a promising start.

Also, congratulations on choosing the coolest character in the game:tup: