SA 3 unblockable?

Some guy on another board told me Yang has an unblockable in SA3, cause we were talking about Urien’s, I asked him if he meant Oro and said no it’s Yang…WTF :confused:

he has a REAL unblockable against Q, not so sure about the others though

basically, you want the second shadow of the roll kick to make contact the moment the command overhead hits, you set this up with a knockdown first. the result is Q bouncing in a juggle state, he can then be comboed with the typical corner slash juggles.

this was on the jap ps2 dvd for 3s

…What part of that was unblockable? Just block UOH.

They wanted to show that you can build back all your bar after sa3 on Q.

kofiend asked me to attach this video.

Here you go:

thats my friend, he attached the file for me.

so whats exactly happening here? i don t understand jap, the mk is starting the juggle or what?

I dont get whats hapining in the video, is it now unblockable or not? And could you possibly upload the rest of the video somewhere?


It’s just to show how Yang can get back 100% of his meter on Q.

The f+mk overhead starts it with the shadow of the qcf+k.



Overhead hits right before the shadow hits, so they juggle.

that makes sense, thanks

Well I think if you have SA3 activated during knockdown you can dive over w/ :df: :hk: before they wake up then :d: :mk: … works for me. I do it like this…

:mp: :hp: :l: :hp: SA3, hesitate then super jump and switch sides to set up unblockable w/ :df: :hk: , then :d: :mp: :qcb: :hp: 3x. Then repeat from knockdown.

wow dude don’t use those icons…too tough to read and the last part of your combo says palm*3 lol…and your setup is not a true unblockable, just tough to block.

as for actual seiei-enbu combos…they’re tough to start up against a smart opponent but you can mix up with cr.LK or UOH. if it hits go into LP slash1*N, or (HPslash1,LPslash2,LK)*N.

Another good thing to do toward the very end of a seiei-enbu combo is grab if you want some actual damage…

In corners you can do garbage like (HPslash1, LPslash2, kick chain)*N

Oh man, that’s awesome =) Yeah, the crossup dive kick is parriable, so I wouldn’t consider that an unblockable. But not really sure how I would block it =\

I thought that all of the shadows can be blocked crouching or standing so that means yun has no unblockables. I’ve even tested it out in training mode and that’s what it looks like in there. But I’ve never had it done to me so…

Yang’s hit animation has to be blocked/parried like normal but his shadows can be blocked or parried either way. So to parry a sweep or other crouching attack you must down parry the first hit then you can regular parry the 2 shadows.

Right, so doesn’t that mean that he doesn’t have any unblockables? Everyone talks about cross-up dive kick into crouching short or forward being unblockable but it can’t be. Even though the shadows from the divekick are still hitting when you do the low short or forward, all you have to do is block low and block the crouching attack. The shadows from the divekick will be blocked because shadows can be blocked standing or crouching.

Right, I know you can, but Im not talking about parrying, you can block cross-up divekick into crouching attack.

Never mind. Now it does seem likes it’s unblockable. I guess you were right.

Seiei-Enbu is stright up Mix Up. I use it, And its a very underestemated[sp] super, but I think its just hard to block/parry, not unblockable.