SA I sucks

I persoanlly avoid using SA I when playing as Necro as I don’t see it have many uses in terms of damage & stun.
I wish to change this view, so what are it’s advantages?

:pray: SA1… :tup:

It’s hard to punish on block, especially online, unless you have certain supers.

Good on Combos, and Wake up. Stops rush down like now (if your fast). Cancel from eletricity works for SA1 and not SA3.

it’s quick, hits all over, hard to parry, sucks them out of the air, easy to combo in juggles, etc.

I see it used against twins sometimes… they’re always in the air. I dunno, I don’t use it :slight_smile:

OMg so much crazy info in this thread. I’ll start with this one, You can totally cancel into sa3 from Electricty, it’s easy, totally hit checkable. I think you can even cancel into sa2 even though all that does is make you recover from electricity quicker.

As for hard to punish, it is easy to punish on block. I don’t know why people think it’s hard just wait till he stops hitting you there is long cool down but whatever, I’m sure online it’s laggy and dumb.

As for combos, it combos off of everything, you can tack it on to the end of alot of combos and in the corner you can neutral throw into it but the damage isn’t the best, and thats true with longer combos into that super. But you can link into it off of, back+mk and back+mp.

It’s also good anti-air.

It’s good for some matchups, bad for others. But overall it’s the noob super, SA3 is better for Necros game.

Ok, What I meant was there are no good combos that would involve you canceling Eletricity into SA3, its not worth it.
I never SA1 was safe.

I know you didn’t say it safe it’s the guy after you did.

As for no good combos, just doing it into electricity is good xx electricity xx sa3, is a good easy hit check.

back+rh link mp electricty xx sa3 does as much stun if not a little more than back rh link mp xx sa3

electricity is totally useful for landing SA1 or SA3

You just don’t see any of that used much.

well I play necro and I use it alot.

I’ve seen sugiyama do all that in at least a few matches.

I’ve seen other players do them, the xx electricty xx sa3 especially since it’s an incredibly useful hit confirm

If your good, you’ll remember those combos they are useful tools, you may not do them everygame, but sometimes you’ll get into a situation and thats gonna be your best option. It’s just another tool.

also the japanese players love random electricity hit confirm into sa 3. Know it, Use it, Love it. it’s awesome in corner traps.

I guess I see that you don’t see Eletricity into SA3 during a JUGGLE combo. That’d be funny :rofl:

Well what’s a good damaging combo with it?

wtf? what’s a good damaging combo?

Jesus man, play the game. There is already a combo thread go look there.

Plus this is 3s combos don’t get too complicated normally.

Plus Sa1 lands off of everything, I mean seriously punishing a jump with it is a good damagaing combo standing mp into it is a good damaging comob. xx sa1 = thumbs up

On Alex (and I guess Hugo too):

A.Rdh, AD.Frc, AD.Frc, AD.Frc, AD.Frc, AD.Frc, AD.Frc, SA1


hello I am to necroplayer from suramerica Chile
that combo works in hugo, alex and urien but SA1 to never used for this
if you conect of b.round uses of bd. fiercex6 with the SA3 uses this combo to after stun and lot of damage
is very dificult stun is with SA1
I think that the SA3 is better
has a short bar much but greater freedom with exmoves a lot of stun damage (i am play for stun my oponent)
i have a question y stun my oponent whit a SA3 is diferent to stun whit a grab ??(stuncombos)

i want see videos from necro but i notfind
thanks and excuse my English badly

what do you mean stun with SA 3 is different than stunning with a grab?

it’s the same as far as I know, but it’s alot harder to juggle after throw unless it’s neutral throw in the corner.

I think I much rather have SA.1 against the twins (yun/yang). SA.3 for everyone else.

yeah, I agree with that for the most part, but I stick with SA 3 normally anyway.

Also Necro on Necro I use SA 1 just cause that match is annoying as hell and I don’t know it just seems like the right super to use.

Sometimes on makoto I use SA2 but not very often.

@Kubaki Mono: Well it’s just that whatever long combo I start & combo into it, just doesn’t do a lot of damage even after I mash the buttons like nuts…
…and yeah jumping was considered by me, but I wondering if there’s another btter use.