SA2 is the best, its anti-air and does a lot of damage. With the dash punch after you can push them in the corner and start some setups or if they’re in the corner create a setup with back+fierce or back+roundhouse. SA1 has 2 meters and does good damage espacially if they’re crouching and yeah more EXs and an invicibility frame, but they have to be on the ground the whole time and with Q everybody’s always jumping afraid of that C.A.D.B. throw making SA1 hard to get it to work. With SA2, parry against a jumping character, easy hit. It has descent range and its so super fast that you don’t need an invinciblity frame. Also if you’re that good with Q you won’t need EXs. This is all I have to say about Q now, this book is over.

yea i love sa2 but sa1 is more effective against the majority of the characters in the game… sa1 is a must for shoto’s… sa2 is best for characters that try to out turtle u… but sa1 is overall better but i use sa2 vs ibuki,remy,akuma,chun…

Can SA2 punish shoto sweep?

Actually, you can but you have to kara it (read mechanics thread, last reply from ESN) however this is highly unlikely you will ever learn to do.

So the short answer is no.

Not from max distance, which is why SA1 is generally preferred in the Shoto matchup. Akuma can be considered an exception, since reversal SA2 comes in handy against blocked Tatsus.