SA II cancel

So I used to be able to get the timing for Karasuka, HP, SAII cancel down perfect but I’ve been trying in training mode and I keep doing the SAII too late because the computer still blocks in time. So then I tried just doing Karasuka, SAII which I remeber comboing but that also didn’t work. Is there something about that cancel’s timing that I’m horribly forgetting?

also I’ve noticed my friend skurben is able to parry the HP after Karasuka, is it just that nobody else has thought of doing that or is my timing off with the HP also and I’m doing it too late so it’s not a true combo? thanks

this must be like the 80th time ive seen this question asked ;p.
but anyways!

  1. with the exception of a couple larger characters, make sure they’re on YOUR side of the screen. Again, exception of larger characters that can be a little past the timer, you generally want your opponent to be no further than the timer.
  2. IDK about karakusa x SAII, never tried it, but I don’t think it works. MAYBE if you’re cornered and they are right under you… but you should just do the s.hp for more stun/dmg anyways.
  3. Karakusa x anything combos. which means, if in training mode, if you do karakusa x s.hp, you should get a 2 hit combo. this also means its unparryable. your timing is just off =/

i double tap when the feet touch DOUBLE TAP! then do qcf as fast as possible and hit the respecting kick strength according to the distance of the other character.

its ur timing. if ur on mame, get more used to the delay, and sometimes the lag actually messes up ur timing. if its offline, then tap HP right when she talks after the grab for it to connect.

also, if ur not connecting skip the grab and HP into SA II or down back LP into SA II when their off guard