SA.M come get your av

sorry about the wait…hope this is to your liking

get on AIM sometimes, fool. haha.


i thought he wanted it blue… not purple…

oh right… hey nero you think i can edit it for my part of the avatar request? i guess ill try to turn it blue to…

Umm if i wasnt suppose to make one… then… umm tell me and imma take it off…

i thought it was supposed to be purple :eek:

I just noticed this thread, and if it’s not blue in the original it won’t look good no matter how its modified :bluu: . Also Fernanda’s face is too big and it’s not all showing. :bluu:.
Guess I will just keep the one I have now.

wow thats the way to show at least some graditude for their takin some of their own time to do this for u…:bluu:

that is a bit harsh… they put some work into it and you don’t sound a tad bit thankfull… not cool

not even a thanks for their efforts??

ungrateful bastard.

eat shit.


He made my current avatar and it’s the best. I didn’t see a need to say thank you since I already have an avatar made by him. I could have been fucking harsher about it for obvious reasons.

I would have worn it for a bit. Shit I would have worn the older one he made. The only reason I didn’t is because my current av. is larger and the only way I would give up my larger av. is if I got a really really good avatar that was better than my current one.

point is, you didn’t even give the dude a thanks for him taking the time to make something new for you, wether you’d wear it or not.

nero didn’t even have to do what he did.

he even apologized for keeping you waiting aswell.

dumb bitch.

Your pushing me too much to the point where I actually want to be harsh about the situation.
But I’m not going to, because I still like the av. he made me a while back.

shut the fuck up.

Now it takes a good amount of time to sit and do these. At times i will spend a few hrs on a piece for someone making it to what they want. It is no easy task and believe me, he has placed a good amount of work into that av.

Your quote above is a bit harsh seeing as how you do not feel he deserves a thank you for the effort placed into it. I find that a bit rude and a bit dissrespectable seeing as how he took his time to help you out.

Agreed that this is getting out of hand but the fact of the mater is you reaction was not a thoughful one. Please take in concideration the time and effort placed into a piece before you blow off the request you made and tell someone its not worth it.

I’m not saying anything. Because everything I’m thinking about saying is going to come out insulting.

if S.A.M. doesnt want it then I do.

steals sams av

yummie … ^^

yet, you’re so quick to insult others that won’t insult you back, over in general discussion.

why play the bitch role now?

because you’re wrong.

Because here real feeling can be hurt. Over there it’s just joking.

P.S. Did I mention how randomly cursing at me makes you cooler.

Easy killer…I agree that it was incorrect to act like he did but flaming is only gonna make it worse…


so then why did you chose to be an ungrateful bastard on here then, where you say “real feeling” can be hurt?

how serious are you taking the flaming part of my posts?

to me, this entire forum is jokes.