SA of choice?

IMO, Sean has pretty decent Super Arts that make him at least kind of threatening when he has meter. Just wondering what your preferences are.

I personally dig Hadou Burst. The recovery is way too slow, but the price is right for the damage it deals.

I like Shoryu cannon the best. why? because u get two of them and the bars arent too long, and you can mesh the hell out of the punch buttons to get a lot of damage. it can also intimidate people from jumping in when you have a meter stocked up, kinda like ken’s shinryuken , you don’t want to jump in on Sean cuz you’ll end up losing 30-35% of your life. you can even combo into shoryu cannon on somebody jumping in with a crouching jab. ive done that before.

i dont like hadou burst because its easy as hell to parry (1 hit) and it does pretty weak damage (but if you do a combo into like standing fierceXXuppercutXXhadou burst, you can add more damage). yea you get three bars, but i still like shoryu cannon more because when you land from the super after it connects you can throw a basketball and do the overhead attack or crouching attack if they block high. with hadou burst, you cant do that cuz it knocks them all the way across the screen.

oh yeah, almost forgot to mention, shoryu is also good cuz of the invincibility frames, its got like the most of any super. ive beaten out so many other supers with that shoryu cannon.

Yup, exactly what Ill E said. SAI does really shitty damage, and its hard to land a hit with sean, so if you’re going to do it, make it count, go with SAII

Well i haft to say that id rather use SA1. The main reson (in my opinion) y sean is not that commonly used is cuz alot of his moves get out-prioritized(stopped) :sad: . If u use Shoyu-Cannon, u get that 1 fast frame. But most of sean’s best combos are bread and butter anyways, and seeing how SA1 has such a short meter :tup: , plus 3 stocks :tup: , u can nearly allways have an ex uppercut waiting for any pesky jump-ins. His ex moves are pretty fast, and if combo’ed right u can dish out a heavy amount of damage.

yea thats a good point also. it IS hard to land a hit with sean. mostly i use pokes (crouching short, c. strong, c. forward). and if they jump up at you do roundhouse axe kick (qcf+k). and then if i got meter i do fake EX sean tackle XX throw, which works 95 percent of the time.
sean doesn’t have safe chains that he can abuse ( like ken’s strong, fierce chain), or any chains that cancel into supers :sad: (unlike ken’s strong fierce chain). and he doesnt have the cross up jump in forward that ken players abuse :sad: .

if you use hadou burst, you are going to have to parry and punish with low forwardXX super (or some other combo) and rely on that and youll need to land 2 or 3 in a match because of how weak it is to have a chance to win. against ken for example, punishing a whiffed SA3 with hadou burst does shit damage, its not really punishing, it does less than ken’s strong,fierceXXjab shoryuken combo. but punishing a whiffed sa3 with shoryucannon can REALLY mess em up( after they whiff the last hit, just do the shoryu cannon motion qcfX2+p , dont try to combo into it).

landing one shoryu cannon (mashed of course) can switch the momentum in the match to you because it does good damage and also…
when you land the super they cant tech roll of course, so before they wakeup throw the ball and if they take the bait and parry it, do crouching roundhouse(sweep), or crouching forwardXX jab uppercut. if they DON’T parry which is what most smart players do, they’ll block the ball low about 99 % of the time. because that’s the natural reaction. that’s when i do the towards+fierce overhead right after the ball hits them, which already does good damage, then you add on the 25% percent damage bonus because they were crouching. so you basically take the realy good damage from shoryu cannon and add on the damage from the basketball+overhead trick and that’s basically like one combo.

I do the basketball+overhead trick against “scrubs” and really good players also, and its worked on both of them.

I use sa1 cuz u can play ken style with >super from anywhere… using sa2 is like using sa2 ryu or ken u barely land the super…

what about SA3. thats what i use and its great damage. i dont know why people dont use it

because sean is not at his full damage potential until he builds that long meter… he can’t punish with big damage, he doesn’t have much on his normals… damage isn’t that good to me for the meter… its the size of shin sho but doesn’t do the same damage… if this was 2nd impact were he can store 2 then yea ill pick it cuz it punishes shoto c.rh… goes under fireballs… links off close s.rh… can hit from a far

well, i dont know. sean doesnt really use EXs and sa3 DOES do very good damage. youre probably not going to land more than one super a match, and EXs arent very useful, so if youre going to land it, might as well make it count and use SA3.

what the hel is a “shoto”?

You don’t know? it’s short for shotokan. thats the name of the martial arts that ryu and ken know (i think), thats why they are called “shotos”. akuma is also a shoto, and sean is also a shoto. basically if any other character’s outfit looks like ken or ryu’s (such as akuma and sean) , they are shotos.

I love SAIII
it has big limits, but it’s fun since when I havce it charged, it changes the momentum of the match a lot.

whats the best link for SA3 all i use is tauntxx SA3 or jab takle wiff SA3 or just do it on dash wake ups

SA3 is not the win.

Sean relies on supers to deal damage. SA1 and 2 have multiple stocks, and in 1’s case very short meter. SA3 has one huge meter. You will get one chance per round to land it if you’re lucky, and if you mess up you’re screwed. SA1 has such a short bar that you almost always have one stocked unless you’re throwing out a lot of EXes.


Ill E basically sumed it up. Not to mention it really helps with certain mind games or Set-Ups which you cannot do with the other SA (No invincibility frames).

SAIII does have invincibility frames indeed.

when using SA3, standing cl. RH kick is your friend! You can link SA3 off of standing cl. RH, actually you get a pretty big window too. Just see it hit, and super. You can also link off of cr. MP just like with Ken SA3, confirm MP hit, super, but st. RH gives you a longer window to do so.

saII is sean’s only hope of beating a good player, no matter what character they are using. saI gives him more ex…big deal. Lets use our meter to make a shitty move into a yellow flashy shitty move. waste of meter.

flame me if you want, i can defend myself.

I use sa3. Not that i play sean much but when i play him i use sa3.