SA you're best with?

Which of Oro’s SAs are you best with?
I like SA I & it’s the one I use the most.
The reason I like it is cuz after a juggle or Chicken combo, I activate it, grab them, and then time my grabs. Also the EX SA I has some great invincibilty and is a good wake-up if timed correctly. Also Oro seems to get some invincibilty when he activates SA I normally.
What about u guys?

Depends on the matchup. Sometimes Yagyou, sometimes Tengu.

Tengu, I’m still trying to nail my unblockable timings.

tengu for me cuz of 2 reasons 1) my execution sucks at the arcade and i cant do the unblockable correctly and 2) tengu is almost always guarenteed damage

Why SA1 man? I thought SA1 sucked…

It does. The combos with it don’t do nearly enough damage, and limit your stratagy because you can’t use any of your punch moves as pokes. Anytime you combo in this super, it could have been an EX Tengu stone combo for easily 3x the damage. And cool points.

Tengu stone for most match ups, Yagyou for the big slow guys. They have a hard time getting around it.
Occasionally yagyou against Yun as well. Anything to keep him the hell back when he has geneii jin on.

Currently I play yagyou against the shotos, except akuma, alex, dudley, urien, and Im trying to learn the setups for chun-li, and makoto. I definitly play tengu against the twins, akuma, and twelve. The rest of the cast I play tengu against, although if I had the unblockables down, I would probably play yagyou.

For Chun-Li and Makoto, use a Jab Yagyou and dash three times. Makoto is also particularly easy to double launch.

Yea, Ive been trying to do the jab - dash three times, jump backward, then forward, cross up mk, cause it would seem that in inoue vs bee, inoue did that to keep chun from escaping by ducking. Ive also been trying the samething only with, vertical jump, forward jump, cross up mk. But im not sure if makoto can duck out aswell. Also, abit off topic, but do you have any dirty music footage I could get off you jinrai, I recently got to see him in the videos posted in the forums, and in the cooperation cup, and he seems very solid. If you could pm me about the possibility of getting some videos I would appreciate it.

The only Dirty Music footage there is other than Coop Cup 4 is a single match between him and Sugiyama. I can send it to you on IRC.

As for ducking out of unblockables, that won’t happen if you do it correctly. Vertical jump, double jump Forward will work even if they duck. Just press the button a little later and double jump as early as you can after vertical jumping.

Kyokuji: IMO Yagyou against Yun (and Yang) is a bad idea. Unblockable setups on the twins are extremely limited and Tengu Stone is far more versatile against them. Also, having Tengu activated when Yun activates Genei Jin provides far more protection than Yagyou ever could.

And yes, Kishin Riki sucks. EX Kishin has obscene invincibility, but the “hold up for free” thing makes it only as useful as, say, Remy’s SA3. They have to push a button when you activate for it to connect, unless you’re really damn fast at confirming low Fierce.

Oh I do Crouching HP–>EX SA I most of the time. Easy after practice.
Now, WHY I use SA I a lot is cuz…well I like how Oro slams them right & left, it gives a feel of corporal punishment, plus I like how he throws them to the air & slams them to the ground.
Jumping :hp:–>Crouching :hp:–>EX SA I is possible BTW.

Possible, yes. Ever going to happen in a match, not likely. If you connect with that well timed of jumping HP, you could follow with a close MP to tengu combo, and do more damage while you are at it. Style is cool, no doubt about that, but no amount of style in the world is going to make total destruction worth using for Q, and to me, this is the same thing, but with a bit less of a difference.

Tengu Stone. Cuz it’s better than the other 2. :lol:

Tengu. I can’t do Yagyou stuff.

Might consider starting using Tengu, if I can cancel a damn 1-hit Standing :mp: into QCFx2+L1

I am a tengu user too :smiley:

i can do yagaou combos pretty solid now and i still don’t like it over tengu

main reasons:

-you cannot control space with it, if you have them in the corner, you’re not getting much off of your hard earned mp combo other than a gay reset that dosn’t do much damage

-you CAN’T confirm it, you have to wait for them to fuck up (so you can hit with mp 1 hit) which can be VERY difficult especially vs top players. people take mp (2-hit) confirm into tengu for granted.

-also, against really good characters/players you cannot throw it out to zone, i had a session with vic vance a while back and the minute i threw out fireballxxxyagou, he would duckingxxxcorckscrew blow to nullify it. this is why even though you see oro’s picking yagou vs dudley, good dudleys know how to handle that shit so oro’s seldom throw it out minus out of a combo to zone

i play yagou for fun, but seriously, i don’t think i could ever chose it vs any character in tourney, maybe hugo, and that’s a maybe

Yagyou is confirmable. 2-hit launch, walk up launch xx Yagyou works the same as the chicken combo and works on all characters. Both setups use up 5 juggle points. Although you can’t unblockable a number of characters in the corner, you can instead reset into Yagyou for anywhere between 30-70% STUN (the former if they eat the hits and a roundhouse, the latter if they attempt to parry and eat two roundhouses for their effort.

oh yeah, i forgot about that 2-hit mp and then 1-hit mp

even rh is a stun monster, oro still has to work very very hard sometimes to actually stun someone minus out of tengu combo