Sa1 Ain't Suck!

sa1 is my 1st super , when i use Oro … the 1st time …

what so sucks about it ??

i heard some of you say that sa2 and sa3 is the stongest ?? what about sa1 ??

It sucks.

It sucks because you posted about it.

SAI is good.

What with the chicken combo>air SAI, and the invincibility of the EX SAII.

Problem is SAII is much much better. SAIII being even better than that(IMO).

SAI= :slight_smile:
SAII= :smiley:
SAIII= :lol:

yeah EX SA1 can be a real surprise, it’s invincible, does great damage, and be used to punish all kinds or crap. Of course SA2 is better. He doesn’t need the invincibility so bad considering the high priority of his EX uppercut. SA1 is pretty fun though. SA3 is just boring and gay.

Tengu is the best! Seriously, the boogerballs are hella boring to use, and at least IMO, don’t really add to his gameplay too much.

And SA1 sucks.

This isn’t something like Dudley SA1 vs SA3, where both have their own strengths that somewhat overlap each other. Oro is completely obvious. Either you play the unblockables and pick SA2, or you play SA3. Kishin Riki is the equivalent of Stungun Headbutt, except you don’t get any meter back if you land it. SA1 only has one way to combo into the EX version, and if you can land that, you could have (and should have) landed close strong XX EX Tengu for more damage. Lets not forget that close strong is also faster than crouching fierce, and you have to be point blank with the crouching fierce for it to combo. If you don’t combo into SA1, it’s just a guess. But once again, stick with the scrub super if you can’t handle standing strong canceled to EX tengu. You seem to have a habit of picking a shitty SA1 on characters where SA3 is clearly better.

:bluu: :bluu: :bluu: … i don’t use EX-sa1 …just normal sa1 will do … it just that it run out fast …and i don’t use that super for granted …

it is best if u use sa1 when opponent get cornered and downed …

and you know what happen when they woke up … is either they got panic or perhaps some unnoticing reversals

edit : wa wa wait ! you said close-strong ?? teh uppercut ? 1 hit uppercut to EX-sa1 ?? all i know was that … jump fierce(2hit) , c.fierce XX ex-sa1

Yeah I’m the guy that picks shitty supers with shitty characters.

Of course SA3 is more powerful than SA1. The only advantage SA1 has is invincibility, I can see how someone may be less likely to use EX uppers in order to save up for a tengu combo, which can make Oro weak. He needs high priority EX uppers to keep his opponents honest. SA1’s invincibility can intimidate opponents into a defensive position.

SA3 is unpleasant and distasteful. It reduces Oro to a monodimensional character. “Whoops you screwed up, now I juggle you Vism style.” Sure for hard core anticipatory parry punishment it’s his best super, but it’s boring. It’s repetitive, does alot of damage, and takes a long time. It makes me feel like I’m playing Tekken. How crappy. SA3 cheapens Oro.

Dude, Oro needs to take what he can get!! He doesn’t have footsies to keep up with the Big 3.

And as for being distasteful, at least IMO, you can say the same for Yun3, Chun2, Urien3 (especially).

One dimension, I don’t think that’s true though…You can use it as chip damage or pure damage with the EX version. It can be used as a poor man’s defense as well. I don’t really think that’s one dimensional.

i was wondering id ex-sa1 was blockable ??

sa3 cheapens oro ?? NO !! not true …

have you cornered an opponent with Non-ex-sa3 ?? that’s what i did in the arcade …that’s my way of using sa3

i’m not good with sa3-ex yet …

is ex-sa3 damaging ??? i mean doing the simple easy 30-40 hits ??

AAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Damn, that made my day.
SlimX gets a gold star and a smiley face on his nametag.

Ow my fragile ego! :frowning:

alright alright …

streak is right …here’s your 20bucks

sa1 sucks:bluu:

Oro does have the s.rh and, decent enough. And since when did the big four turn into the big three?

Anyways, while it’ll probably never be “figured out” to the extent that it can be used in tournaments, kishin riki is pretty fun to screw around with. If they’re knocked down when you activate it, you can either bait a jump or just generally rush them down. It does shitty damage when activated during the chain, but at least then you have 'em down with enough time to play with them and land a grab if you can manage.

I can relate to mr. Apothary because it does get boring, for me, at least, to play with the same damn super every time I play a character. Fortunately, I often choose characters with more than one good super, but even the shitty supers need some time to shine. After all, not everyone is incapable of having fun unless they win by any means necessary. Maybe I’m just weird.

the non-ex version …make me looks like a tool during the last casual match …

yes i did use ex-sa1 … it is my savior

fall down > get up > EX sa1

Pretty much everybody agrees that Yun, Ken, and Chun are top, not everybody agrees that Makoto / Urien are top (Not sure which one you’re referring to). I put those two sort of inbetween 1st and 2nd tier. Also st. RH and st. Forward are complete crap against chun li because she’s so short she can duck under them and low forward you. Nobody is going to “figure out” Kishin Riki and turn it into some godly tournament level super. If you’re willing to blow your SA meter on a guessed SA1, more power to you. I’ll stick with the free 50% damage combo when I land a standing strong. If you are tired of tengu stones, Oro has 2 good supers. Yagyou Dama is an excellent super choice, it just requires a lot of work and practice to be able to do the unblockables with consistency.