SA1: for the bold Chun player

thanx to the wonderful, magical world of frame data, i managed to formualte several hit confirms for chuns sa1(kikosho). now some of u may be asking "what’s sa1? kikosho? never heard of it"
well, when u fist highlight chunli, press any button to select her. then a list of super arts appear. quickly mash on all of the buttons, while the stick is in neutral, to choose the super and to avoid “accidentally” selecting sa2 (or sa3… psyke!).

im sorry to say that i confirmed the following combos on a dc3s(i know, me am caveman). but its all i have to work with. so if the reader owns a ps3s, please confirm the combos 4 me so that i can b certain they will work in the arcade.

combos were performed on ryu

crouch short(x2)–>sa1 (48) points of damage
a nice shotoesque combo. short, short super make me laugh.

far RH or toward+RH–>sa1 (55) points
good 4 mixup between the short,short combo. keep em guessin’. watch out, cuz some chars can duck it up close. learn the spacing.

stand FP–>sa1 (55) points [crouch only]
no comment

short hyakuretsu(4 hits)–>sa1 (22) points
anybody out there good with math. the super gets scaled to hell and back with this combo and i wanna know by how much % does it get scaled. this combo is useless. oh well :lame:

head-stomp(anti air) becomes more usefull now since u get a free sa1 after it. on a vid i saw some time ago i saw chun do: headstomp(aa), down+FP,(land)stand(close)RH-sjc-sa1. oww.

this one is just 4 “kicks”
[training mode only vs dudley, infinite super]
ex hazan shu–>sa1 (who cares, the combo isnt real) points
the meter builds again just as chun land from hs. super when she lands. dudley gets otg’ed

im pretty sure if sa1 were 2 lvls, more ppl would play it.
now that i know she has confirms other that low foward sa2 im cosidering the use of sa1 chun. and to the regular chun players, give sa1 shot and let me know how well u do in casual matches. if u come up with strats post them.

also can someone post the adv/disadv info (aracde) for chuns FP, far RH, and the omnipotent low foward. i know has frame data but its 4 dc. :pleased:

~Zar D’Biscuit [lea’me alone, i play 12 for christ sake]~


that was from Mopreme’s Link Encyclopedia. when i saw that combo, i was like, WTH?!?!!? definitely one of the cooler combos Chun has. well, the ones you can definitely use in a match, anyways.

all i can say is that Kikosho is way cooler looking than her other 2 SAs.


better luck next time

CRAP!! i cant take credit for anything, cuz ppl find out like 5 yrs b4 me. oh, well

i apologize to the reader if their time may have been wasted by reading info they were probably already aware of :sad:

i paly sa1 regularly now, i hopes to prove something. soon the world shall know the power of kikosho. at least until i get mad and choose sa2.

any1 have that fame data yet?

~Zar D’biscuit~ 1st to place top 10 w/ sa1 chun…u’ll c :karate:

Nice combos, I use SA1 as well. I like SA2 of course, but I like the short bar on the Kiokosho , even though its just 1 bar, and its much more versetile(sp, I have no clue lol) than SA2 IMO. A lot of people are so used to fighting SA2 Chunner that they dont really know what to do against the Kiokosho(not many can parry it thats for damn sure lol).
I link this super in a variety of ways, but my favorite(and I know this sounds stupid but man, I cant tell you how many people I nail with this consistantly) is to jump towards them as they jump in and hit them with a MP, then as you land hit the super. Since theyre in the air they obviously cant block and a lot of people dont see it coming so they dont think to parry the MP.


wtf is SJC?

b.FP->fireball->SA1 works well
best trick is to let them jump in,
stomp and land and wait for them to hit u - sa1 ->pwnd.

sjc is SuperJumpCancel