SA1 Vs Makoto?

Originally i came to the conclusion that Dudleys mostly chose sa1 for the extra damage because Makoto is so mobile, when i asked about it i believe ryan said that it was because sa3 doesn’t connect after f+hk (at max range) which seems to be correct but then in this video i’m pretty sure the commentators say something about “rocket upper” “1 chance of damage” can someone confirm this?


6:20 onwards

Yea but raoh and xiao are just speculating that.

Not sure about needing be closer to makoto than other characters to land corkscrew but maybe a factor is the risk return In your knockdown mix up getting parried into karakusa by makoto?

maybe I’m trippin but does seem like rocket upper connects from farther vs crouch mak that cork does…

Edit: tested using toward mk, cr short then dart super. I tried my best to not walk forward while doing dart. At this range rocket upper will connect off dart but not cork.

I’m assuming based off that, Rocket Upper starts off pretty low and can hit Makoto’s hitbox from the bottom…as opposed to Corkscrew where it likely connects her head(which does tend to move back), causing her hitbox to slightly shift back and make the first hit miss?

I’m also assuming this based off the fact that Twelve can do XNDL, Dudley can block into reversal SA3 and it would completely whiff over Twelve’s body.

I dunno, but I’ve seen Makoto players full-parry SA3 even after eating f.HK crouching more often than I should in Japan. This is against Dudley players that don’t miss their links, either.

Maybe related to this video? @1:05
Looks close to what you said. (and no idea of why this happens)

Makoto’s hitstun behaves so weird. The Ryu Makoto only close MK into cMP, this one, Sean’s Target into SA3, Ken being able to target into mp sho into super on crouching makoto. A crazy character in all regards

very interesting.
I don’t get what’s about the stuff around 2:27 - point blank shinkuu vs Makoto

Yeah dart shot -> cork has limited range vs Mak (thought this would have been more known)

Chun’s b.fpxsa2 is also unreliable mid screen on a crouching mak as it will sometimes break combo.

Pretty much risk free parry attempt with good reward if you get it.

Dart shot moves your throwable hit box quite a bit forward. Also Mak can just use s.fp instead of karakusa.

Yeah i was pretty sure on the crouching hit box thing, just wanted to know what they said exactly in the video about sa1 vs Makoto

I was so ready to storm into this thread shouting about how SA3 is just always better until I watched these videos and read some of what was posted here. I’m gonna think about it some more. I thought about is some more and tested it out a bit. For the sake of argument, I noticed there are times where SA1 whiffs and SA3 connects. Not concerning the f+rh example. when using f+mk hit confirm there are ranges when SA3 connects and SA1 whiffs.