SA1 Vs SA3

Wich One Is Better
Ive Seen That SA3 Is Much Better For Resets, But It Can Be Easily Parried

Even Tough I Use SA1, Cause It Has More Combos

What Do You Think

I think it’s up to you, old sport.

Personally I use SA I for people that take a lot of damage, like Hugo or Q. I also use SA I vs. Makoto – the longer that bitch is alive, the more likely you’ll fuck up and get caught by a karakusa, and that only needs to happen a few times for you to lose the match. Same thing with Urien and Chun, both of whom I fuckin’ hate. SA I can’t really be used to wake up, since the risk is massive if you whiff. It also is harder to finish combos with, since you have to hit just right with it for all the hits to connect. This can be frustrating sometimes.

SA III is damn good, because it’s relatively safer to spam when you wake up, you can control length of the super (LP, MP, or HP controls how far Dudley moves when he performs it), and it is overall more flexible. It’s much more reliable combo finisher than SA I (though it does very low damage with long combos). You also can do it thrice in a round. I use it for good shoto players, Gouki, Yun/Yang, other Dudleys.

Up to you. Both can be effective, bottom line. This is one of those situations where there isnt one single, ultimate, superduper “best” choice.

I think that both I and III are very good super arts but i think SA III has more advantages than SA I (even though i use SA I :O). If you miss or your opponent blocks SA I, you’re pretty much fucked. There is a huge delay time if you miss with SA I, but if you miss/get blocked with SA III, there is a much shorter delay time so that you’re opponent might not be able to attack right away.
I love SA I because…

  1. it’s so freaking hot looking i mean jesus
  2. again its so fraeking hot looking
  3. it does good damage and is an advatange because it is an anti-air move
  4. i just love cancelling a jet uppercut into SA I

Playing with Dudley makes me want to whip out a rose and throw it in someone’s face, and drink some tea and eat crumpets :]

SA1 vs Chun Urien Alex Q Akuma Hugo Ryu Elena
Both Vs Makoto
SA3 VS Oro Ken Twins 12 Sean Necro Ibuki

Hmm… interesting, your choices make sense, I pretty much only use SA1 on everyone just cuz I like that super, even tho I know SA3 might be better for certain match ups.
would u care to elaborate more? like why SA3 for Ken only and not rest of the shotos

I like SA3 for Ken because you get more chances to hit him. You usually don’t get all that many chances to super runaway Akuma, or a strong ground based Ryu doing s.rh. With Akuma and Ryu I like to take every chance I get to hit them as hard as possible. SA3 I like SA3 for airborne characters, because duck under, SA3 is WAY more reliable than duck, sa1 for air defense. Akumas air defense is much more based at jumping AWAY from you, rather than towards you, so you don’t get to duck under him much anyway, because duck isn’t invince to air fireballs. I like SA3 for Ibuki because if she tries to jump after you during a mixup(parrying whatever AA you do, usually, or if you don’t AA free mixup) because you can duck under her, and usually SA1 hits for piddly damage and bad screen position, when SA3 hits for full hits). There’s alot more I can say, but I won’t ramble.

when you guys use dudley’s SA I, dooesn’t it make you feel like to whip out some crumpets and drink tea?? ;]

Tea and crumpets? Yes. Def.

I like SA III vs. Gouki because he takes mad damage already, being the weakest character in the cast. SA I seems a little overkill to me, and the flexibility of being able to semi-safe wake-up super with SA III vs. aggressive Gouki is nice.

Rocket is my choice. i started out using Corkscrew, but after a while, i just felt more comfortable using Rocket. kinda odd 'cuz you essentially land each super the same:

  1. c. short x 2 xx super
  2. s. short, s. forward -> super
  3. s. short, s. forward, s. strong -> super
  4. s. jab, s. strong, s. forward xx super
  5. towards + forward -> super
  6. s. roundhouse xx Duck xx super
  7. s. strong xx Duck xx super
  8. towards + roundhouse -> super
  9. c. roundhouse juggles -> super

there are more, but they’re either not used all that often or they’re similar to the abovementioned. so i’m sure you get my drift :lol:.

probably the 2 biggest differences are in anti-airs and wake ups where Corkscrew definitely has the advantage.

as was mentioned earlier, Duck under xx Corkscrew owns. Duck under xx Rocket isn’t a guaranteed full hitter, so screw that. with wake up, Corkscrew will not leave you up in the air if you miss, so that’s a minus for Rocket.

the biggest factor for me, however, is with Dudley’s towards + roundhouse link into super. at max range, Corkscrew’s first (and most damaging hit) will miss and that equals :shake:. Rocket, on the other hand, will still connect for full damage even at a max range towards + roundhouse.


“the biggest factor for me, however, is with Dudley’s towards + roundhouse link into super. at max range, Corkscrew’s first (and most damaging hit) will miss and that equals . Rocket, on the other hand, will still connect for full damage even at a max range towards + roundhouse.”

This should be enough for ppl to read and understand why to use Uppercato. f+RH is the killer in 3s. It comes out so fast that its ridiculous.

what about sa2?? i use that super most of the time for a more zoner dud… u can cancel his s.fp into it and that was enough for me to use sa2 cuz the fp has crazy priority… or u can link after a s.rh… i mean cammy link u can hit rh warm up some tea do sa2 and drink the tea while u mash on punch with the other hand lol… i think u can sa2 after overhead at max range too

Overhead SA2 does not work. That’s the biggest reason not to use SA2. It takes away one of Dudley’s strongest tools. Also more bar=more supers=more EXes.

I Use Sa2 Vs Ken Cuz I Zone Fight Ken Plus Ken Can Super After A Blocked Screw Super So U Can’t Really Whore It…

never use sa2 on anyone, seriously it sucks. Why are you spamming supers anyway? Dudley is all about hit confirming, and he has several easy ones, so I don’t see why random supers are a benifit, also im pretty sure ken can reversal super SA2 as well. There is no matchup where SA2 is benificial.

sa2 is good for zoning, like he said against defensive kens. Rolling thunder is the only super dudley has that can punish whiffs easily from midscreen. Against Chun, you can punish whiffed b+fierce and fierce super easy. Just keep doing qcf’s until she sticks one out then press fierce. There are a lot of possibilities. Uoh, rolling thunder works very well, where did u get that u cant do that from? The super is very quick. Every single link Dudley has works with Rolling Thunder. Rolling Thunder actually has MORE setups then then other supers.

Plus, it does the best stun, chip, and damage of the 3.

EDIT: Oh yeah, about the EX issue, that’s not even a problem, because DUdley builds his meter back during almost every EX MGB combo. Lastly, there are certain setups in the corner with SA2 that are 100% setups and are quite simple (they involve a dizzy).

can’t test it now, but can SA2 go through fireballs? (never tested it)

Yes it does, but it still sucks.

i didnt say UOH. i thought it was obvious i meant f+rh. uoh requires near perfect spacing making it impractical on wakeup for the most part. chip damage is a non issue. f+rh does NOT link into sa2. and there is a reason no one uses sa2 even vs chun, sa1 is better for all practical uses.

chip matters at crucial times…i just watched the vic so cal 3s ffa matches a few days ago and vic wins a match with ssb xx corkscrew for chip. btw, are u sure f+rh sa2 doesnt work? there is very small difference in startup speed between rolling thunder and corkscrew blow, and if corkscrew links from max range (while missing the first hit in the process, mind u), why wouldnt rollin thunder? about ppl not using it…ppl didnt use Electric snake either until japs showed us the power…so dont doubt certain supers in certain matchups…its obviously his “worst” super, but it aint bad…just the fact that its one long bar makes it weaker.

No sa2 does not link after f+rh.

And Geese, shut up.