SA1 vs SA3

Damage (On Ken)

Super Alone:
SA1=55, SA3=40
Sc.Frc xx Super:
SA1=67, SA3=53
Sc.Stg-Sc.Frc xx Super:
SA1=67, SA3=54
C.Fwd xx Super:
SA1=64, SA3=49
C.Sht-C.Sht xx Super:
SA1=59, SA3=44
Sc.Stg-Sc.Frc xx Hadou xx Super:
SA1=52, SA3=53
C.Fwd xx Hadou xx Super:
SA1=57, SA3=48
C.Stg (Link to) Super:
SA1=52, SA3=50
Sc.Frc xx Stg.Shoryu xx Super:
SA1=66, SA3=57
Sc.Stg-Sc.Frc xx EX.Shoryu(1 Hit) xx Super:
SA1=62, SA3=58

Officially, you’re my hero.

GO SA1!!!
Although it is stronger than 3 and I do use it more, SA3 is a good SA and also HELLA range. SA1 has to be point blank and will get punished if blocked.

Short SA bar kinda evens out the field. But still…good ol SA1.

SA1 does more damage but has less range than SA3? :wow:

good to know new things are still being discovered in 3s!

(RANGE should be in caps because it’s a fucking huge advantage. there’s no reason, besides a purely aesthetic one, to ever pick SA1 ever)

I just only posted this up do to damage analysis. Just comparsion.

I didn’t post this to say “Hey guys, SA3 is better then SA1!” Thats fucken OBV.

There, post changed.

Are you being sarcastic?

SA1 is better than SA3. end of story.

SA2 owns you all for free.

what do you think?


OH HELL YES…but don’t think that SA3 is a bad SA when really it isn’t. Range can play tricks with your opponent thinking that they’re too far away to connect.

Ummm… are you serious…? :wtf:

SA1 might do more damage than SA3. BUT, SA3 is more versatile:

  1. longer range
  2. more combos link into SA3 (strong -> fierce -> fireball -> SA3) or crouching strong -> late cancel into SA3).

Not to mention you get 3 of em with a much shorter bar.

In my opinion, SA3>SA2>SA1

Ok, here is a discussion. I would disagree here. I believe its SA3>SA1>SA2.

This convosation is…wow…Im just stunned

Really guys its all about Blue Nocturne…

And SA2>SA1, IMO.

Actually, after reviewing both SA2 and SA1, I would start to agree with you. SA2>SA1

This guy knows what he’s talking about. Not only about the SA2>SA1 part, but with Blue Nocturne. Blue Nocturne is where it’s at.

Seriously. Blue Nocturne owns. You do some shitty poke strings with holes in them, just as they catch on, CATCH 'EM WITH IT YARHA RHARHARHARHALSR A;SLFJKASFDWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA