SA1 vs SA3?

I looked a bit through threads but I couldnt find it, I thought there were topics like this one?

Anyway, I use SA1, but I was major SA3 a while back… When I know think of that time I dont know what to feel… SA3 is really good, but so is SA1, what are the pros and cons?

Im trying to break this down a bit, help is appreciated :slight_smile:


  • BIG damage, alot if fighting small characters or Gouki or something
  • Can be linked from towards+roundhouse from anywhere, if linked correctly, it will hit with every hit there is
    -Big ender in corner juggles because they don’t fall over Dudley’s head

-Once missed kiss your ass goodbye
-Not a reliable anti-air
-Can’t be used in midscreen juggles
-Doesnt do every hit when ending in the corner (Im not sure of this)

-BIG damage for such a short bar, so you ge tto use alot of EX moves too
-Can be a good anti-air (crossunder hcf+k, qcb+p will get out the super then)
-Can be used in midcreen juggles, they can’t quickstand then so you got the edge (motherfuckin rose :P)

-If your first hit misses, kiss the nice damage goodbye
-first hit misses after f+roundhouse max link

any more ppl? I want to know, I want to pick up SA3 again too, but against who should I choose it? Why does every Dudley on this planet always choose SA1 when playing against Chun-li? What is the best way to doubletap fierce after f+roundhouse, sa3? I dont doubletap so could someone describe it???

thnx for the help :slight_smile:


missing BnBs all over or keep missing c.foward xx lk tatsumaki with akuma, great shit.

this IS a discussion board -_-


exodus has a way with his one liners.


main reason i use Rocket over Corkscrew is because it will connect after twds + roundhouse even at max range. but you already mentioned that :p. other reasons you might wanna use Rocket is for resets. like say, if someone has their stun gauge at close to 50% and you land an s. roundhouse -> EX MGB, instead of going for the usual juggles, you can do this:

j. fierce (land) -> Rocket Uppercut (3 hits) -> EX Jet Uppercut -> fierce Jet Uppercut

the j. fierce + EX Jet + fierce Jet will fill their stun gauge quite nicely. although this is a somewhat ok thing to do (since you’re after stun and not damage), it’s rarely seen because you can parry out of Rocket Uppercut. also, not all Dudley players are automatic with the EX Jet -> fierce Jet juggle. Apoc tried to do this to me almost everytime he landed an EX MGB on me, but he couldn’t finish it off. so if you look at it that way, it’s a waste of meter.

now why would i use Corkscrew? it’s better anti-air :p. not better in terms of damage, but it’s more reliable. and that means? you won’t get your opponent spitting off the other way like Rocket tends to do when hit at a certain angle or height. so speaking of spitting, certain characters fly the other way if you super cancel Rocket Uppercut off of strong Jet. don’t even bother super cancelling off of fierce Jet anymore. same reasons Ken super cancels off of strong Shoryuken. Alex, Remy, and Chun-Li bounce the other way after the 2nd uppercut. so when i fight them, i will sometimes use Corkscrew. Alex is odd though. sometimes he doesn’t fly off. i guess it depends on how quickly you cancel into Rocket.

so yeah, other than those reasons listed, i see Rocket and Corkscrew as equal. 'cuz quite frankly, Dudley goes into either super the same way. and he has tons of hit confirms, so you really shouldn’t miss :D. regarding EXes, it may seem like Corkscrew will provide you with more since you have up to 3 bars, but Dudley stocks up on meter REALLY fast anyway, so he’s almost never without an EX.

I prefer Corkscrew, solely because it’s safer. You can risk it on various setups and even if it’s blocked you don’t eat free damage.


It all depends on who the opposing character is. I decide very simply. If the opponent gets most of his damage off of hit confirms and such, use corkscrew and nail that shit. If Chun wants to keep using low forward I’m gonna start hitting it with Fierce corkscrew. Or if a character takes damage poorly(akuma, ibuki), you don’t need the damage or resets of the rocket upper.

However, overall, Rocket is superior. It does more damage, slightly harder to parry, sets up juggles and sets up dizzies. I used to use this set up constantly. KSK asked me why I use the reset, because of the damage. Then I did a combo on him, reset, then did ex upper then fierce upper and he was dizzy and I already started charging. Then, by the time he gets up, dizzy, I have enough to jump in and bust ANOTHER ex mgb combo plus juggle. Needless to say, on many characters, one ex mgb combo leads to death. Doing the same thing on Akuma is a 100% kill in one combo…well, with a reset. But no one parries my reset so, it’s all but guaranteed for me. Even the Japanese can’t just guess when to parry and, if you use the proper reset, you have a whole lotta time to input it which leads to a wider margin of error for parriers.

Kal-El, I was messing it up because I was unfamiliar with those sticks. Not that I remember so well:( I’m just thinking, that shit isn’t hard to do at all.

Anyway, you aren’t going to get instant kills with corkscrew and you’re not going to land reliable set ups since the corkscrew blow is child’s play to parry. Still, in some matches(decide what’s best for you), I think corkscrew is better. I can give my list for which supers I use on which characters. I don’t know how useful it would be since I’m not playing anymore:( We don’t have an arcade here and there’s no reason to practice on DC when it’s on supergun so, FFA, hopefully, will be my practice for Evo. Still, it might be useful to some so, if you’re interested, let me know.


both supers are equally good and balance each other out. yes?

Rocket Upper-Looks more stylish

Bah, there both good:D

I use corkscrew because I feel it safer and i luv 3 bars. I am not still good to use relialably rocket…maybe that’s a reason too :o