SA1 X2 in combos?

How do you time it correctly? I’ve done it, but I cant do it consistently. I know I have done it, because in training mode. I would do s.MP xxx SA1 xxx SA1 or attempt it. Everytime I got it right it would say 15 hit super art. I’ve done this about 4 times.

So what is the correct timing on getting sa1 twice in one combo?

Practice. Just wait for the super to end and then do it again. You get a good few frames to do it. I used to do this combo for kicks during the Dreamcast days. Watchin old SlimX vids and stuff. Fun times. It’s a useless combo though. If you’re real sick with it though you can combo c.MP after the first super and do whatever you want from there. Timing is hella strict though.