SA2 link

Is the OTG SA2 corner throw link only possible on Dudley? I haven’t been able to do it on anyone else. And I guess the f+HP link works on everyone right?

Also, does the HK tatsumaki followup work on everyone? I know it works on Chun-Li but I can’t get it work against any of the shotos. Does it require more strict timing or does it not work at all?

Throw to SA2 only works on dudley. Haven’t tried the follow up hk tatsu on all characters but I made it connect on chunli, elena and the shotos.

the OTG only works on dudley.
not sure about towards.fierce sa2 on everyone, but, should be.

roundhouse tatsumaki works on everyone, its just different timing.

f+fp sa2 works on everyone.