SA2 Questions

The only ways I’ve been able to land SA2 is off a RH or MK Tackle or Cr. Fr. EX Heabutt SA2, but I have seen people do it off a close MP and SC it from a LP fireball…I can’t do wither of those ways…the MP fireball just comes out. Help?

It’s just execution… nothing fancy. I guess it’s a bit tougher w/ Urien because you can delay the release of the fireball by holding onto the punch. What ends up happening to me is that I do the motion too quickly, so that I’m trying to activate the Super before the fireball is even out yet.

Maybe take your time when canceling from a fireball (although I don’t see why you would want to super-cancel from that). As for canceling off of MP… don’t hit the punch untl after the :qcf::qcf: motion.