SA2 Resets?

I hear about them, but I’ve never seen a good list of basic resets… trying to learn Makoto, anyone want to volunteer some?

In corner after EX Hayate
-towards short (works on everyone)
-st.foward (shotos, dudley, urien; there’s more but these are on top of my head)
-cr.strong (shotos)
-fierce (Hugo, Alex)

These are just ones on top of my head

Generally I think if you can’t do 100% with SA2 you’re better off doing tsurigi hayate hayate as it will put them in the corner and do the most guaranteed damage.

This site: has a lot of cool makoto resets and combos for other characters as well.

start from the corner to midscreen? hell no. that’s one of the last options on your long list of SAII followups.

start from midscreen to the corner? yeah, that’s generally the followup to use, although i’d do a s.HP instead of the last Hayate. It does crazy stun and resets, allowing for more Makoto trickery.

It will put them in the corner from anywhere.

Thanks for that site.