SA3 help !!!

i cant figure out any combos for SA3 can some one tell me some good combos to learn ? :confused: Also,how to land SA3 and when. thnx

Over half of the Yang threads are SA3 combo threads

But I’m bored so here are the 2 main ones

The “Unblockable” (which can be blocked, but it’s tough)
Cross up dive kick, low strong, low roundhouse XX repeat

The other one has many variations, but it’s basically

Start with UOH or low forward, HP slash, LP slash, low short XX repeat

Like I said there’s a ton of different ways to do the second one, you can add his kick chain on certain characters or just do LP slash over and over

The more I use it though, the more I realize that SA2 is much better, only for the extra EX slashes you get

When you connect this you can do LP mantis…repeat and repeat until the guage end…

thnx for the replys ive almost got the down mp, hp mantis then light mantis. I do it twice then I miss the down mp on the third try.

… use dwn fwd not strng…

simple SA3 set up:

close mk, jump cancel mk, (opponent still in mid-air, active SA3), universal overhead, hp mantis, lp mantis, low mk, hp mantis, lp mantis etc.

landing the close mk is prolly the hardest part

j.mkXX dive is better imo