SA3: how many frames?! (this art is too good)

i started using “the mak” (thats what i call her, don’t flame) about a month ago. after 2 weeks of home training i quickly grew tired of sa’s 1 and 2 and decided to challenge myself w/ the unpopular sa3 (which btw i now call tanden-too-many-free-frames-renki ).

after checking the srk forums i realized that there was no sa3 strategy thread 4 the mak. but i did stumble across some usefull info in another one of her threads. one of the threads (4got which one:confused: ) stated that the sa3 has an invincible start-up. i found that to be quite interesting and decided to see “how invincible” this super was.

so i goto parry training and test it againt some EX hadoukens. i phuk-up the first couple of times, then i eventually get a fb to pass through her. now im sayin’ 2 myself "thats kinda hot, i wonder what else she can pass through. so i take on the shikuhadouken, get that to pass. then goukis red fbxxsa1, that passes. the last hits of chun’s sa2 and ken’s sa3(red parried it of course). that passes.

NOW im sayinin’ “damn, this super’s pretty good, as far as invinciblity. lets see if it can pass through grabs”. hugo’s sa1…

INVUNARABILITY TO ALL AND EVERY!! hugo wiffs!now im 100% sure the super’s got invicible start, but this is for only 4 a few frames. so my question is…


does any1 know how many invincible/free frames sa3 has after execution? oh, and i already know that mak loses those free frames if she moves or attacks (thats why stay COMPLETELY still until an attack wiffs:D ).

ps- PMS stands 4:
P issed-off
M akoto
S tyle

uuuhmm, how much u wanna bet japan’s top mak players start choosin’ sa3 in a year or less. :eek:

it’s something like 32 frames, i remember arlieth saying something about it. he also had some nice tactics with sa3.

i’m willing to bet that top japanese players won’t pick sa3 anytime soon, too.

Yeah it’s great to activate it and let an attack go through you, but once you retaliate with low strong, hayate, now what. You can’t block, and your opponent has the egde, assuming he can work himself out of the hayate situation. It just doesn’t stack up to SA2, or even SA1. SA2 is so good, free 75% stun on anybody? I’ll take that any day. Makoto already has a crazy stun game, SA2 is just the icing on the cake. Even if she didn’t have it, she’s got the shin shoryuken type super(SA1) in terms of damage that you can link off a low forward or a hayate.

i studied this a little bit – after hearing that it was 32 frames long, i was rather skeptic. sooooo…i went to check my sources [the bible, and my translated version of zero’s site].

in the arcade version [zero’s information], it reports the animation freeze [when the screen turns dark] to be 50 frames long. in the bible however, it says it is 80 frames long. which do i believe? well i cannot discredit zero’s information, since i have no recording of an arcade makoto using SA3. however, the bible states it correctly at 80 frames.

her start-up is 86 on ARC, and 87 on DC. the invincibility for both is 86 frames. however, i’m willing to bet that zero’s information is incorrect, seeing as how i would not see any reason for capcom to change the animation freeze between the two versions. most animation freezes are at 50 frames, so i’m guessing zero was stuck on that number, and put it by accident. or maybe his source did.

regardless, i checked the timing, and indeed, the bible holds true. using video editing software, i captured the freeze time for most 50 frame supers to be around 834 milliseconds. makoto’s SA3 freeze however, was at ~1300 milliseconds. this difference seems to match up, since 50:80 and 834:1300 for this purpose, is considered the same ratio.

this means that makoto is invincible for 6 frames outside of the super animation freeze [the only thing i know that moves during the freeze aside from the character’s super animation is akuma’s ‘god-hand’ after he punches the ground, and that wouldnt hit her anyway, since she’s invincible]. since her start-up is at 86, this means she is completely invincible during start-up, but once she is able to move, she is also susceptible to attacks. note however, that the opponent cannot do anything during her start-up – so you guys both get to input at the same time [unless of course the opponent start his attack before the activation of the super].

make sense? :smiley: if you want a great super with invincibility, go do akuma’s god-hand. it goes through everything :lol: 28 invincibility frames baby!

I thought the God Hand was totally invincible but yesterday I was hit out of it just before the actual lightning strike comes out. Of course no sane human would attempt such a feat because if he or she messes up the timing, it’s fucking over for them.

On another note, I have landed this super on humans before. A favorite of mine is when at the beginning of the round, a Yang player does a rh Kick Roll and I do the God Hand at the same time. Let’s just say he had 20% life left.

don’t make shit up son :rolleyes: he’s invincible until 4 frames after his lightning.

mnnn yeah sure. that’s why i got hit out of it yesterday on DC before the lightning came out.

pretty stupid yang!

shh… what he forgot to put in is that it was a cpu yang.

roflmfao, sure you did guy. akuma CAN’T get hit out before the lightning comes out. that’s a 3S FACT. lol, no wonder you got flamed by all of TOSF. stupid newbie. :rolleyes:

but let’s give you a chance here…how did it happen? who was the opp, what move was it, and how did it end up [animation and shit]?

I can confirm this. There is no way you can get hit before.

Okay, ignoring the retard(Geese) for a moment…

My conception of SA3’s ‘36’ frames of invincibility were based on the fact that I had assumed that the SA3 dark-frame was 50 frames, not 80 frames.

I had noticed in actual practice that I wasn’t getting NEARLY as much invincibility time as 36 times would permit- it felt more like a mere fraction of a second.

(However, in a way, the 80 dark-frames are good, because this gives you more than a full second to read what your opponent is doing.)

Still, this does clear up my confusion on the matter. Thanks for the work, exodus. ^_^b

yea, i went “what da fug” when i saw him mention “32” hahaha – not a prob – i’m trying to promote 3S knowledge anyway :smiley:

I remember it was an overhead of some sort. It was a kick that fell on Akuma’s head right before he was about to do it. I thought it was totally invincible too, but DC is not the same as arcade, so who knows.

you don’t know who the opponent is or what move it was? DC is different from ARC, but not in this aspect. don’t throw out generic bullshit in hopes of excusing your lack of knowledge. :lol: