Sa3 (power-up popeye style)...the bad and the good

tell me …
i think is a newbie’s pick

no its actually a “hey this makes me more powerful!” than realize you cant block, then get owned for free and never use it again pick

haha funny as hell but a fun SA to pick somtimes. MAJOR DAMAGE YOOO

i heard the good …

the bad is you can’t parry ?

yea u can parry, but then people will throw their supers, multiple hit combos, and the kitchen sink at u once u activate it. all of that and u still have to guess high or low parry…

if it was a steel makoto on the other hand…

Generally you want to start the super in the middle of a combo and/or directly before the opponent is dizzied. Things like (Karakusa, fierce xx SA3, low strong xx Hayate) are solid and keep you in their face for the normal post-hayate guessing game. After that you’re really just trying to keep hitting them until you can block again, or get the hell out of the way.

Also, combos like (Fukiage xx SA3, dash -> Fukiage) Are disgusting in terms of damage AND stun, so it’s a lot easier to hold it down that way.


fukiage ??

edit : oh the upper cut !

how bout’s speical-axe-kick ?

The axe-kick (Tsurugi) does a reasonable amount of damage, but not as much as a HP Oroshi (karate chop)…but your best bet of landing that is when they’re dizzy. Tsurigi’s are great to use because they’re not easy to predict, and if you do a LK or MK Tsurigi then you can combo into a MP xx Hayate.

In my experience SAIII is only good in single player.

thanks again
what’s so bad about this super in VS ?
even if a player know’s how to parry , tech and fool …
still not good ?

edit : all i know that it will run out quite faster than oro’s sa3 activation …

and that actually works for people jump-in without caution and parry opponent’s attack/special/super . and pro’s does that .

and 1st_taunt -> 2nd_taunt -> sa3 does a shitloads of damage that actually kills akuma and remy instantly , if they are crouching …

i remember watching the vid ,(after 2 taunts) jump-Fierce , fierce , oroshi XX SA3-activate -> triple-blow

what is the command for triple-blow and single blow ??

Im going to guess you mean forward fierce punch and forward fierce punch holding down the fierce button.

Holding it does 3 strikes, releasing does 1 strike.

Is that what you are referring to?

As far as SAIII… only time I’ve found it remotely useful in VS is for shits and giggles or against a scrub ChunLi … block her super than parry the last hit - activate, and rape the whore.

I don’t know if anyone mentioned this, but this super starts up and recovers in 0 frames. What that means is that if you see a move coming, you can try to activate this on reaction and thus get a free parry afterward. It’s a legal, one-use pause button, basically.

But yeah, seriously, it is pretty much worthless.


sa3 is not that bad of a super… it’s just that sa1/2 is much easier to utilize.

well what it is good for is when they have more than half of their stun bar up. ex. parry > karakusa > SA3 > fierce > hayate > stunned and then you can jump-in > fierce > hayate or whatever with the sa3 bonus dmg.

but that’s a lot of shit to do comparing to fierce > SA2 =P

My friend said you could activate SA3 cancelled after a dash punch and do dash punch link low strong dash punch???

Don’t take my word for it though, might be DC only.

no… pretty sure…

strangle > fierce > hayate XX sa3 > c.strong > hayate

that’s how yagami owned my 12

I thought it was supposed to have a huge invincibility window. That would make it a pretty nice super for defense and offense.

LOL that was old stuff from long ago bro. :smiley:

um hm

i dont think the super is scrubby, you just gotta know when to use it

in the corner = wake up super
invincibility frames make it hilarious to parry whatever is coming towards you
post stun game rapage
jump in fierce > standing fierce> hayate
thats more than any super damage
crouching strong > super > crouching strong > hayate
Fukiage(DP) > super > dash > fukiage > Tsurugi(axe)

honestly this super has infinite possibilities, but to be safe you have to end everything with a reset
post hayate game is too risky but reset game is purrrfect, if you can parry

i am the best makoto