SA3 Remy in tournament play?

FTW? Random jump to SA3 pwns j000!!

Lmao, yea I saw that shit, funny lol

Me too… I was trying to figure out why he was using SA3 for his match vs. Chun. Sure, you can do it on reaction to s.fp… but c’mon, that’s not gonna happen that often. Maybe he mischose it? Or was hoping to bait out a SA2 after an LOV, then cancel to super? I dunno… if he was able to land it, that would’ve been sweet.

In this case, it just looked dumb.

I think he was probably just fooling around.
That was a scrubby ass Chun’ though.
SAII off a blocked back HP?

Well if you notice that was a small tourney, and the final was Chun vs Remy…it’d be sad if he was messing around but i dont belive he was.