OK, in all of my video-watching experience, I have noticed that just about every Hugo in Japan always picks SA1…except for the best one, YSB. He pretty much always uses SA3 instead from what I’ve seen.

Why might this be? EX meter isn’t really a concern for the big guy, and he isn’t exactly overflowing with useful hit-confirms. What am I missing here?


All three of his supers are pretty good (with Megaton probably being the “worst”). SA3 is the most reliable. You can use it in combos or to punish or to blow through attacks, etc. It’s also easy to pull off. Gigas is scary and can turn a round around completely, but it’s not exactly easy to get on someone, especially if they’re playing to avoid it.

Personally, I still use Gigas against most characters because I want that threat. I want people to worry about taking risks so I can put the pressure on them instead. However, I still pick SA3 a lot on characters that can fight effectively without putting themselves in danger of Gigas.

Megaton does fantastic damage considering he gets two bars (and would be the best if you wanted EX), but it’s not that hard to just not jump right on top of Hugo. And you’re not going to get an ultra throw on someone unless you’re just flat out lucky (and could have done Gigas).

I don’t know about YSB but like Slim said it’s very hard to land gigas on anyone who playing to avoid it. I guess parry -> gigas always work but don’t expect good players to fall for your gigas tricks after several fights.

SA3 is more reliable than the others. SA3 can go through fireballs and can be used as anti-air or even to finish off the opponent by chip damage.

The only way I would use SA1 in a tourney ( 2 out of 3 ) is if I win my first match with SA3 and then use SA1 for the second. SA1 and SA3 require completely different styles to play. Even when i use SA1 in a tourney I dont expect to pull it off. Jes having a full bar ready is enough to change my opponent’s mind and be expecting things that i prolly won’t even do. Hugo is already limited enough so the extra change up is well worth it.

I used to practice tachi gigas but its so already hard enough to land a regualr dash in gigas. Its even harder to land a 360 while they are getting up, people i play with are jes too smart for that stuff. An ff player by the name of Adolofo Luevano can do standing gigas. Did it help? The answer is nope. Gigas is slower than than a jab 360. Some characters can actually jab Hugo out of it. I know it sounds wierd, so i will explain. 720 requires so much movement that by the time the jab comes it interuppts the process and nothing comes out. So a low jab can beat a 720. Watching this first this hand is really disapointing. Maybe if adolfo can spin the stick faster :wink: .

I dont air parry into gigas beacuse of Hugo’s bad hit box. If they jump I have to pull them down …no question. Hugo has such a big hit box that pyrolee or frankie3s can jes hit me at anytime they want to. To read when pyro will dive kick and what time i will have to parry is too difficult. There is even a way to jump on hugo and even if hugo parries there wont be any advantages hugo can take. Victoly has done this alot to me. Frank and Yi (5star) are catching on how to do this.

As to why most japanese pick SA1. I dont really know. But i spoked with Shogo of denjinvideo when he was in japan with team usa for SBO2. He said most of the japanese can do standing gigas. Wether it landed…that was another story. SA1 is pretty fun when it connects. It gets the crowd hyped because its “party time”.

Sorry for the long posts. I know I dont post much. But i will check this board from time to time. I hope a lot of people play more low tier characters competitvely. I’m seeing to many 1st and 2nd tier characters in the tournies, not enough orginality :lol: :bluu: :confused:

Adolfo Luevano is the most underrated player ever. If you see him, punch him in the arm and tell him I said “GET IN THE GODDAMN TOURNAMENT, BOY!” It doesn’t matter which tournament, just make him get in there.

Also: Megaton is the bestest. Why? Because Hugo is a big ass meat wall, and if you keep your spacing decent it forces the opponent to footsie you to death, as all air options are a no-go. If you’re prepared to buffer EVERYTHING into Megaton, it really cuts out 3/4 of a lot of people’s game. Now that’s forcing a gameplan.



I feel you. That boy has so much talent in 3s. I tell him EVERY TIME to enter. He just smiles and says no thanks. :confused: :rolleyes: :confused: . Last time I saw him he was showing me the tachi gigas. I was like good god teach me that shit. So we were trading rounds with Hugo and his standing 720s were being stopped by chun’s crouching jab. Again…really disappointing.

Adolofo is an amazing player. I personally think he has the best Alex in the US and a damn top tier Hugo.

Don’t forget that it deals a ton of damage normally. You can make ibuki think twice about those resets when you’ve got a hammer stocked.

I dont know if megaton is so good I mean if you can actually get in an ultra throw you probably were able to get in a gigas, and the reason asians always pick SAI is because their arcade sticks work differently than ours. I was alway able to get in a S720 with a japanese stick but I cant get in a tachi with our damn american sticks I know how its done I just need an actual demonstration. As for SAIII if your one of the lucky ones who can actually pull 3 palm bombers in a row than SAIII is the one you want, shit load of stun and damage.

Doesn’t anybody pick super arts depending on what character they are fighting? For example against characters like Ken and Ibuki, who use a lot of crossing up tactics while Hugo is getting up a Lk Megaton press will cut out that gameplan.
I never use a flat Megaton as the enemy usually won’t give you that opportunity. The most common time I’ll get one in is after a standing parry from an air attack, then going into the wall throw. But the corner choke into megaton has saved me many times, even though the damage is minimal.

Megaton takes awhile to build. Although it has two bars, hugo doesnt really need any ex’s. I have lost to matches to paulee, frankie3s, edma, and yi wang with them not jumping at me at all. There is also a point in an opponent’s jump where megaton can be snuffed (happened to me a couple times). One megaton = 1 gigas or 2 hammer frenzies which have easier setups and more practicality.

when i play hugo, i don’t think about resets all to much… its too easy to do 360 on ibuki when hugo hits the floor and i am next to him. i have to switch up my stlye on hugo and go for straight, semi-safe combos instead of resets and mix-ups for more damage.
gotta be safe when playing hugo
720, you know this :bluu: you and adolfo are the toughest hugos to play against… :mad:

:bluu: :smiley: :lol: :evil:

I think all 3 supers are really good. It depends on how you and your opp play. The fear factor of a Japanese Hugo having his SA1 bar full is enough of an advantage. They really don’t need to connect it to win.

For myself, I like both SA1 and SA2. SA1 has always been my favourite but (after a couple fights) once ppl start to jump/cross over on you nonstop and playing to avoid the 720 then it’s time to pick something else. That’s usually when I start mixing up SA2 and 720.

I rarely pick SA3 though 'cause for me it’s just a super that you stick out randomly hoping that your opp is attacking.

Don’t forget the best thing about SAIII

running it out and doing a 360 on someone is the funniest shit ever.

heh. It’d be funny if someone could actually land it.

I’ve done it to the best of em! i’ve busted it on some of the best folks on here, ask around haha… everyone has an off night… and if you watch theyre hands you can let go when they go for the hit/throw and set the super off, sometimes it adds a slight, and very weak, mind game…

I guess the cabinet set-up would play a big factor in Hugo games. Side by side play would have a distinct disadvantage when playing Hugo, as opposed to facing cabinets. - Especially with the 720 motion as your opponent would be able to ‘see’ the crazy spinning motions. :smiley:

I don’t think that would work on any decent players. But be able to run it out is still good sometimes since most folks would just throw you instead of combo you.

I personally like using SA2…I dunno it just gives me more of that freedom to play aggressively and dizzying the guy rather than sticking around certain spots, watching and waiting for the right time to whip out SA1 when plenty of opportunities to smack the opponent has gone by. SA3 to me is just a super that should be comboed into and Hugo is not a combo machine.

For SA2 I don’t usually worry about using it when I have the meter, it’s just nice to know that I have something up my sleeves to break you if need be. Also like a number of other people I tend to have trouble doing standing 720s. I’m more comfortable going for an normal ultra throw any day instead of a one moment 720.

This monster doesnt need a brutal super because he does enough fuckin dmg with his regualr specials. The fact that he can take 50% hp off in one super is CRAZY. Two more 360 grabs and its over.

Hammer frenzy gives him more ground options allowing him to charge and atatck. as well as the moves in the frenzy switch from standard attacks to overheads so you coudl catch peeps off gaurd.