Saban re-acquires Power Rangers from Disney. Possibly airing on Nick


all i got to say is hot damn its about time. Disney wasn’t doing shit for the PR license and from what they said in the article the show was too violent for the channel:rofl:


uhhh…this should be interesting. lol@ being too violent. they got fucking batman reruns on that channel.


Don’t know how I feel about this, given, I can’t remember shit Saban has done since they had the Power Rangers. Eh, fuck it, they can’t do worst then remixing the original series and trying to air it like the episodes were brand new.


yes…YES! “The soul still burns…” Power Rangers FOREVER, man.

I’d still want to see a “Forever Special” with only those “extra” rangers like the original Green(aka The God Ranger Himself, Tommy), Zeo Gold, Titanium, Green Samurai, Phantom, Quantum, etc. It would have the potential to be another classic and possibly better than Forever Red.

…and I still want a multiplayer sidescrolling beatemup game with Rangers from various seasons…all in the same style as TMNT/Aliens vs. Predator/Xmen/etc. of course.


Bring back the original theme.


Please tell me this means a dvd release of every season.


Are they going to bring back Goldar and have Juri play Rita Repulsa?


Who cares? The only Power Rangers worth watching was Time Force, and perhaps Turbo.


you trolling right?

In Space was CLEARLY the best one!



I liked Zeo and Lost Galaxy too.

I honestly don’t see how anyone could like Turbo. Turbo almost killed the show for me.


turbo did kill the show really.


what about new series? I want to see how they’d try to localize shinkenger - its like they made it specifically to be as japanese as possible.


I thought the thread title read “Sabin re-acquires Power Rangers” at first. Go go Poverty Rangers.


Dunno, maybe I’m mixing up Turbo with something else…or maybe not.

But hands down Time Force was the best. I can’t see how anyone would but In Space or Zeo above it.


i wanna see saban try and stuff tommy in a ranger suit now hahha. mofo is huuuuuge.


The power rangers IP is so ripe for 6 (minimum)-player-on-the-same-console-side-scrolling-beat-em-up-awesomeness.

p.s; for any TGWTG fans that may or may not be here, linkara is doing a power rangers retrospective (he’s at turbo atm). Informative and interesting if I may say so myself.


uhh they can? he doesnt need to be in the suit…although it is tommy and im pretty sure he does his own stunts…I mean the dude is the only ranger in history to have like 5 different suits…lol

Id like to see a darker version of the power rangers, something like SPD but more corrupt…like when they fought over who should be leader Red Vs. Blue


I wouldn’t be surprised if this does happen. Disney really was stupid not to do this because apparently they felt it wouldn’t be worth it to release early season boxsets of the show based off the sales of the Disney PR Seasons DVD’s. Pretty retarded if you ask me.


they had evil rangers before.

tommy didnt do all his own stunts. but i know the quantum ranger did…that dude is a legit stuntman and does some hella crazy stuff post power rangers. check this out:


Getting Shikenger for localization wouldn’t be hard at all. It would take some outside the box thinking but plausible.

Tommy is GOAT. If Saban puts cash on the table JDF shows up. After that you either have Bosch or Austin St. John come in to mentor the new rangers.

Power Rangers RPM, as dark as the series ever got. I really don’t know how much further they could push it but who knows.

While Million is talking beat-em-ups and I like that but PR needs a good ass fighting game. I’d play the fuck out of that shit and main the Green Ranger on GP. Which makes me wonder why Japan has never seen a Super Sentai vs Kamen Rider game. Climax Heroes engine would be love for something like that. More likely than not it would probably happen with a Ganbride card game if anything.

Valaris, worry not. Haim Saban isn’t stupid. He knows the fanbase is fiending for DVD releases. All he’s saying is how Disney didn’t exploit the franchise enough. So that means that he will and that will be something that pops off.

In the end I’m just glad the franchise is in capable hands.