Sabertooth Games-UFS

Sabertooth games has a new card game called UFS. It is a game like Score’s Epic Battles that pits different franchises together such as Street Fighter, Soul Calibur, and even the web comic Penny Arcade. Udon is providing the artwork for the SF cards. Check it out at:

Edit: For those who are interested, Sabertooth games is giving away free demo decks of SF and SC:

"With the launch of the UFS CCG coming this April there are a lot of people who are anxious to discover how it plays. We would like to offer you that opportunity.

Simply send an e-mail to with the following information:

Subject: UFS demo decks

Body: Your mailing information

We will then send you one Street Fighter CCG and one Soulcalibur III CCG demo deck along with the rules?free. "

Dang, how’d I miss this thread? Thanks

Looks pretty good. Btw I don’t remember reading it on the site anywhere, but are you allowed to pit different series decks against each other? Like SF vs. SC. I’m sorry if this sounds kinda stupid considering its the “UNIVERSAL fighting system” but I can’t seem to find any direct confirmation of this (not even in the instructions.)

This may end up becoming bigger than EB considering it will be offered in other retailers outside blockbuster.


Yes, you can pit different series against one another. If you want to see first hand how this works, take up their demo deck offer and pit the SF and SC decks against one another.

already sent the email, thanks for the info.

Yes, I sent in my email about 5 days ago, got a confirmation email about 3 days ago, and should be getting it any day now, hopefully by tomorrow. I honestly believe this might surprise epic battles, with it’s complexity attracting people instead of deterring them as they like to believe. I also believe Blockbuster’s insistence on exclusivity might put Epic Battles into an early grave.(Happened with Shaman King, by the time the cards hit retail, the game was dead)

I’ve been waiting on my decks for a few days. I wonder how they got the Steet Fighter license. Is Epic Battles dead?

No, They have “another fighting game favorite” joining their ranks pretty soon, and MK is slated for a hobby store release in march. As far as I know(though no official word has been given yet) the SF licenses were split, but blockbuster has decided to keep further Epic Battles Street Fighter releases BB-exclusive

UGH. That that’s why Epic Battles will fail now that UFS is here.

got my demo decks in the mail today, the game is VERY complex, I’ll definantely need to go over the rules a bit more, lemme know how it goes for you guys.

EDIT: Some ufs players have started up a group on Frppr, some kind of map with little balloons representing people. You can add yourself to the map so other players in your area know there’s someone playing.

Just received the demo deck last night. I agree, the game is fairly complex but one can get the hang of it after a few trial plays. I’m not too fond of the blocking mechanic though, seems needlessly complicated to me. The game is pretty fast paced and some of the mechanics are interesting. I think the mechanics are varied enough for some deep play and originality, but only time will tell.

Quite good overall.

UFS might have some trouble in April. It’s been recently announced that Tekken 5 is joining the Epic Battles lineup. Only reason I’m worried about this is that SC3 might struggle against Tekken’s popularity. SF should be fine though.

Here’s what I know so far of the characters in the UFS starter decks

SF: Ryu, Ken, Chun-Li, and Dhalsim will be the starters
Sagat and someone else will only be available by Booster.

SC3: Nightmare, Taki, Voldo, and Astaroth.
Mitsurugi and Cassandra

That rounds out the SC3 lineup. Still no word on the second SF booster character.

Here’s some more info on boosters.

10 cards per pack

9 commons/or uncommons, 1 rare or ultra card(apparently, both rarities will have some kind of foil treatment)

there will be 2 versions of each character in the SF and SC3 set boosters, including starter deck characters

no word on pricing yet.

EDIT3: last minute change on the starters, and also, on the websites, previews are up.

(sure glad I did a search for this)

I got my decks because one of the perks of working at a game store is people just send you demos.

I agree, and have expressed concern, that blocking is not explained intuitively enough. I posted on their forum saying that there’s a lot of unnecessary verbage in the rules document (and some typos) and it needs to be more concise in general.

Otherwise, I like the concepts in the game, and despite being a slight rip-off of Epic Battles, it plays much better and seems more fun. I think what’s going to hurt it are the “ultra-rare” cards, unless the MSRP is low enough that buying several boosters won’t cost much. If the ultra-rares are too good, and the price is too high, then the game will be degenerate and die out. You’ll have a few people who spend way too much money on it to get the good cards, and they’ll beat all the people who don’t want to make a huge investment. On the other hand, it’s been hinted that at least one ultra-rare will be a character (probably Sagat). Ultra-rare characters aren’t so bad since you start with them in play; you don’t need to hunt down four copies.

Yea, same thing with me and V booda. Blocking’s just ridiculously complicated and murky. Took me a while to wade through it all.

Shouldn’t be a problem, since there’s only 4 levels of rarity. Unlike epic battles(With their hidden rares and “King Characters”) So in that respect, only epic battles should really have problems with obscene rarities

EDIT: I should be getting a playmat in the mail soon, They have them, but none of the decks come with one. You guys might want to pm CombatCarl about one.

Edit2: UFS is out starting today