Sabertooth UFS

I used the search and I couldn’t find anything about this!

Does anyone here play this?
I just got the evil ryu pack,when I bought it the lady the comic store didn’t know the price since “Noone ever buys those cards”. So should I even get any more of these or what?

If you don’t know anyone else that plays, then hell no to buying some cards. I personally don’t like the game as it is because many of the older cards have overpowered effects that cause games to end too quickly (1-3 turn games are normal). I believe that the cards from the previous block are being phased out of legality in February next year, so the game should become a lot better by then since many of the broken cards are being phased out then.

Sabertooth Games is good about addressing problems that players express, so the game will improve drastically in February.

I did beta testing and events for it in Seattle.

UFS was a joke of a game. It was too clumsly made and thrown together. Plus, their 3 part thing didn’t even go down cause no one wanted to play Street Fighter II cause it wasn’t “new” enough. Cause their options were either Street Fighter II (what version was never really decided, it was majority votes @ tourneys) or EX3. And EX3 is garbage.

The way the game played was gross, it was constantly MTG’s “On the Stack” ruling 24/7, and how you attacked was lame.

Decks were ridiculously broken the day the game came out (Ken Maelstrom Deck was TOO GOOD)

Then after Ken got nerfed, it was Kilik Beatdown, and Casandra Control. When Kilik got nerfed, it was Zaslemel Damage and when Zaslemel got nerfed, everyone just kinda stopped playing.

There were OTHER decks, like Sagat Throw decks, Chun-Li Combo (It had like a huge improbable infinite in the deck, I saw it pulled off MAYBE twice.) and Zangief Mill. But none of them were fast or reliable enough to ensure wins, unlike Maelstrom or Casandra.

Not to mention they made A LOT of the best cards RIDICULOUSLY hard to find/get. Like going to Cons and events and shit, or winning a regionals. They fucked up with promo’s the same way DBZ TCG did. $175 for a promo? No thanks.

They released a KOF/Samurai Showdown expansion at the beginning of the year, didn’t get good reviews, nothing too special was in the set so it was basically ignored.

I think the game is defunct now cause I haven’t heard from my people at Sabretooth games about it, and I check the forums twice a month and it’s usally just the mods and like, 3 players constantly posting.

I don’t know any one who sells or holds tourneys for the game.

UFS > Epic Battles though. By far.

I just thought I’d put some insight on this, so you won’t invest more money into a bad game. :tup:


Agreed,…for the most part.

On the plus side, the cards were cool to look at. If you weren’t interested in “playing to win” you could create some really interesting decks that were actually representative of the character you were using.

For instance, I was able to make a Ryu deck that approximates his 3S Denjin game really well.

where can i get these cards? i’d like to have a deck to check it if not for playing just for cellect some cards

Ebay is your best bet really.

Most Comic and card shops don’t bother with the game. :sweat:

Oh how wrong you are, and I’m sad to say that you’re referring to ancient history in most of your post. Ken Maelstrom is dead, the Cassie and Zas you are referring to are banned.

UFS is still growing and the 2nd World Championships are happening very soon at GenCon. STG has released the new Ryu/Akuma battlepack as well as the second SNK expansion, and is set to release the new Darkstalkers base set in November.

Many of the best cards (Strike Heads, Friends and Rivals, Unknown Force, Kunai, UR Ibuki, R Yun-Seong, UR Dhalsim, to name some) in UFS are NOT tourney exclusive, and a great deal of the time, the cards that have their own event would never see light in a competitive deck. Period. The UFS meta has changed FAR beyond what was available in the first two sets. The original SF and SC sets are now out of print, but there’s more than enough cards available now to make a strong, even moderately competitive deck without eBaying dead cards.

Not to be making this personal, but your insight isn’t really worth much when in the grand scheme of things, most of your post doesn’t apply to the current state of the game.

To the OP, just give it a try, if you can find a store near you who supplies. It’s still got it’s kinks some people think, but it’s a fun game, and it’s not a game where one or two decks rule the roost anymore. There’s a wide competitive spectrum, where at least 15 different characters are capable of competing at high level tournament play. And considering each character has at LEAST three different types of decks they can pilot, then you’ve got many, many options to go with.

Just some words from someone who actually plays UFS.

If anything, just get yourself a Ryu/Akuma battlepack. It’ll be legal after block rotation.

Go to STG’s forum, take a look around and see for yourself. There’s infinitely more activity going on than just a few mods and staff members.

Don’t pay any attention to the quoted post, as it’s not applicable to the game as it is today.

Just chiming in… I have a TON of these cards. Rares and great commons/uncommons spread out through nearly every set. A complete set of the SNK promos from the first set… Random F.O.P.s and other junk. If anyone would like to buy them, please let me know. I was going to put them up on ebay, but I’d rather sell them to someone who’s most likely going to play with them as opposed to just selling them as singles.

But yeah, the game is ok. It’s good fun when you build decent decks and go at it.

When you start to get competitive, you’ll end up spending rediculous amounts on the game.
While there are many great commons and uncommons to use in the game, it is a double edged sword in that those commons and uncommons are usually harder to get than rares. Want a playset of Defender of the Empire, or Chain Throw? Good luck.

Also, there is a sea of worthless cards out there as far as competition goes, so if you want to compete, just buy playsets of cards, don’t waste your time or money buying packs.

And yeah, the rare/promo cards are VERY cool looking. Promo Ukyo is probably my favorite.

Yeah, money is a factor, if you want to compete, you need the best cards, but that’s like any game. The good side is that it’s not the same 1 or two cards running rampant, since each of the twelve resources has its own staples and semi-auto-includes.

I’ll grant you that some of the more sought after cards can be hard to get. Mind you, I’ve already got my playsets
plus extra of Defender and Chain Throw, all from buying 2 boxes of each set.

And too true, Promo Ukyo is an awesome looking card, no doubt. Same goes for the rest of the Samurai Shodown promos.

Thank you man, you posted some stuff that I was gonna say. Anyways all what you said was pretty much spot on, I’m sorry but a game isn’t gonna die anytime soon when in singles for worlds you have almost 200, that’s right almost 200 people show up. Oh and darkstalkers is gonna be an awesome ass set! Also to whoever thinks that the game isn’t good on a competetive level is obviously very wrong. I’ll list a nice chunk of characters that are very well tournament viable, and I think you’ll agree with me subaru. This list is no joke either, these characters are all tourney viable.(in no particular order.)

2-Ryu-any cept for original rare from set 1.
3-Ken-any version.
4-Astaroth-almost any cept for his ultra rare I believe. Promo is the best one I think.
5-Zangief-promo, not to be underestimated. Very powerful in the right hands.
6-Tira-promo, and the most recent pack rare version as well.
7-Yun Seong-either promo or ultra rare. Ultra rare just placed 3rd at worlds.
8-Rock-promo, got 2nd at worlds.
9-Vega-any, but ultra rare just got 1st at worlds.
10-Dan-promo, only one out right now. And people thought he was just a joke character, but he placed in top 8 at worlds just recently.
11-Hugo-promo, disgusting with the new box topper fortune and glory.
12-Yun-promo, with the right build he can be good.
13-Yang-promo, same deal with him.
14-Adon-promo and ultra rare. Ultra rare has new errata, but promo is extremely dangerous and just got top 8 recently at worlds.
15-Mai-any, but people mostly like the promo and the first starter rare version.
16-Ukyo-any, mostly the promo gets used but the other 2 are good as well.
17-Terry-starter rare, very underestimated really.
18-Ibuki-any, she’s just insane. Just recently won uk or new zealand nationals or whatever.
19-Cassandra-any that isn’t the banned original rare version. And the promo version of her won canadian nationals this year.
20-Sagat-any, but mostly the rare and ultra rare get the most mileage.
21-Dhalsim-any, the rare and ultra rare are legal still. The promo is banned.
22-Rose-promo, still one of the scariest characters to fear in this game, bar none.

So I could go on, but about 22 characters that I listed that are tourney worthy sounds like a good game to me. And for the record that’s not even all the tourney worthy characters out of more then 50 characters in the game.

Errr some of your any versions are rather limited to one or two instead of any for actually competing, but yes, there is quite a bit a viable stuff out there.

Also generally speaking, the game isn’t THAT expensive to play unless you need everything. Budget decks can be quite viable and competitive.

If you need some resources, is a great resource for articles not to mention sabertoothgame’s official site. also has a search engine.

However, if no one is playing in your area, unless you can get others to play, I recommend no going further as it could waste your time. However, sabertoothgames tournament website has searches for local tournaments and scouts (judges).

I also have to say one thing for stg, they are a great company in terms of listening to the customers and responding to our input and what we have to say.

(also, for the few who might be on the forums, my name there is DaiAndOh)