Sabin ft. Gootecks - Hungry (remix)


Actually playing street fight until 8 in the morning will make you hungry if you don’t eat anything. Happens all the time.

Nice beats. Vocal doesn’t flow as well though.

Here’s an example of a good hip hop/commentary mix.


Everyone’s a critic


the song came out in '98 by A Tribe Called Quest - Find a Way. tzakiel you need to put the name of the song too.


I like how casual it is though


This is silly


The best part is when he hooked up his Blackberry to the Xbox at a recent CT tournament to play this in the grand finals.



Haha… that’s good shit


lol nice mobb deep/jay-z ref




tribe called question- find a way sampler…very nice


Genius :rofl:

Street Fighter IV is the answer to the global financial crisis


nice remix. sounds great, love how east coast is coming up now. SFIV to defeat the recession!!!




I was just listening to this tonight and got really nostalgic for the days when SF4 was new to the scene. How are things going? I haven’t played in a while but I miss it and probably going back into training soon. Are people excited for SSF4?


Man I’m a SF4 NOOB straight up, only been training for like a month. Listening to this shit is gettin’ me hype to play some more lol. I know I’m mad late, but this is good shit bro, good shit indeed.


lol, beat reminds me of lupe fiasco


thank you for reviving this thread. i love this songgggg


Listening to it right now, surprizingly very cool.
All it needs is a good mixing/mastering to boost the sound a little.


hey, I didn’t want to revive a dead thread but anyone still got the mp3 for this?


Lol I have it somewhere. I will find and repost.