Sabin vs Daigo MM match now on Machinima (HD, eng subtitles)



for those that havent seen it, this is the hd version with subtitles.
Congrats to Daigo for or that win and boo to me for having 0 clutch in the end. Run it back at Evo Japan for $1000 maybe? ?_?


(edit: obvious joke guys, matches are awesome)

Nice matches Art. Ignore these trolls.

I love watching people on a see saw!

It’s funny how much Eita praises Daigo, I wouldn’t expect it coming from the Japanese side [ for some weird reason ]. Anyway, great set of matches, watched it again with the subtitles. Good luck at Evo Japan, you should definitely run it back for a thousand. The rivalry, if you can call it one, stands on one-one right? A tie breaker is much needed.

definitely gonna watch them again in HD. As a Ryu player, i need to learn this match up very well. Thanks Arturo.

CONGRATS ON CHOKING, get blown up :stuck_out_tongue:

p.s. shout out to Arturo, shout out to team sp00ky, shout out to chris hu, shout out to shout outs…RET’S GO JUSTIN !

i got put on notice

daigo said this is MY game

is arturo on drugs? look at his eyes and his mouth looks like hes about to gurn!!

cool discussion guys

Arturo did awesome these matches, definitely was in the bag, Daigo got outplayed the whole game, but just capitalized on missed opportunities. shit happens. good shit though

Daigo say he like PIZZA.

i wish the commentators would elaborate on wtf they are talking about, like chu dan reads and all that other shit.

edit: guy below me is a dumbass

I would watch if SF4 Dhalsim wasn’t boring as fuck…

Room 1676 —> Salty Suite —> Evo Japan runback for a G???

Shoutouts to Art for the high level shit and putting his money where his mouth is…that set was entertaining as hell

Daigo vs KO at evo 2k3 USED to be my favorite set at an Evo tourney

“I saw, I came, I hadoukened” - Chris Hu

:bgrin: LOL…

srk clearly is the place for high level sf discussion as you can see by the thread. props to you guys

the japanese subs are horrible. dont take it literally. its a loose translation of what theyre saying
megadeth i respect the troll :slight_smile:

u just mad cuz you thought people would care

i’m too lowly to talk to the sabin about SSF4, i thought you’d post this and leave


Good matches, very close.

Dhalsim is boring as shit to watch though.