Sabres Super Combos

Hey!Most people who know about this game will say that sabre is wack or outright garbage. Well they are wrong, to be succesfull with him you just have to play super cheap. Thats how I play using sabre ,blkheart,sentinel. Using Birdie and then calling blkheart for his anti-air assit over and over again is chaos.Also sentinels ground assist is good to mix in with the fun.Anyway this is what you do when you just have sabretooth.
Two things to take advantage of. One is his Hk.xxBerserClaw which can be cancelled to his special where he jumps instead of rushing you.The other is just abuse Birdie. His combos go like this.

Oppenent in the corner you do when you land then call out Hk.Birdie this lets you attack low while her shoots go high!

now i think i wil start to use sab. please tell moreā€¦