Sabretooth Hyper Birdie Glitch

I haven’t seen this posted but it’s cool information, preppy let me know about it.

Call any strenght birdie, THC while she is still on the screen.

Try it with one level. Sabretooth should be able to move while birdie is still on the screen.

The difficulty comes from setting it up because you can’t THC while a assist on the screen and it’s hard to set up a birdie call they have to block without being able to escape without a assist.

The best times to set it up would be:

  • When they are coming in do hk birdie, THC

  • When they are super jumping back to try to run away from sabre.

  • Some kind of OTG set up which is kind of risky

That’s all I got so far. One of the best things about this is how you can go for some extra chip or mix up.

If you have doom (not neccesarily recommended) you can dash to your opponent and call doom while you are jumping over and beserker claw, call birdie, beserker claw (birdie will cover your last beserker claw if you do it fast enough) or do some other chip pattern.

Just some ideas

Yeah, thats a qwerk of his. What I like to do when its glitched, is cross over to the other side, and do one of his other supers. OR, call out a great assist, like uhh…Sent force/Spiral ground, do a super, cancel into Spiral swords, then finish with Sent. It just looks so damn cool, seeing all that crap on screen, and knowing you created it…